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Three Most Visited Travel Spots

Three Most Visited Travel Spots

Only because COVID-19 pandemic, doesn’t mean that you can’t go anywhere. You only have to check the travel warning and other valuable information first before traveling. If it is safe enough, you can prepare everything and explore the best travel spots around the world. Check the most visited travel spots below. 


Indonesia, especially Bali is a place where tourists around the world want to visit. This island also has a lot of wonderful travel spots travelers must visit. Bali still strives against the pandemic but it seems to be better. Go to specific travel spots, such as Gili Island, Legian, Nusa Penida, and many more once there is good news. You will miss the sensation of diving and hiking across some destinations in Bali while breathing the fresh air.

Three Most Visited Travel Spots


This area seems not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bangkok becomes the most visited city in the world for 4 years in a row. One of the reasons is because Bangkok has the best shopping areas. The scenery is also great and memorable. Let's say you can get a new shopping sensation by visiting an indoor floating market. The place to eat is also worth it to try, including Mauro Colagreco restaurant. Imagine that people can also have an experience of visiting the second tallest building known as the King Power Mahanakhon. It will be great if tourists don’t need to wear a mask while exploring the areas.  


People love to go to the Grand Egyptian Museum when they are visiting Cairo. It is the place where they can find precious objects from the kingdoms. Plus, they will be the witness of how great the Giza pyramid is. Cairo focuses on improving the ancient places, so tourists can come to it and learn something. That’s why this city becomes one of the most visited travel spots in the world.