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The Way Countries with Popular Travel Spots Gain Trust from Tourists During COVID-19 Pandemic

Some countries with travel spots feel the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The traveler arrivals decrease significantly and it reduces their earning. So, how do the countries with popular travel spots fight against the COVID-19 pandemic to invite travelers back? 


Indonesia is one of the countries that feel the COVID-19 pandemic significantly, including Bali. As the largest tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali shows its turning point. Travelers can’t visit this island due to the travel warning and restriction. One thing that the Balinese can do to fight against this pandemic is by following the rules. They will stay at home and do anything they have to do. This strategy is to reduce the impact of the pandemic in Bali. It hopes that people will visit Bali back after seeing that this island is safe enough. It is the way to gain the trust and confidence of the tourists to go back to Bali. 


Korea also tries to gain the trust and confidence of the tourist by having an earlier test. People who feel COVID-19 symptoms have to take a test. The test is to know whether they are infected by this virus or not. They have to follow the medical procedure if they are infected. This strategy reduces the COVID-19 victims significantly. The government hopes that everything will be in a normal condition soon. As a result, travelers can visit Korea without anything to worry about the COVID-19 pandemic and enjoy all the great travel spots. 


Finland is another country that manages the COVID-19 epidemic well. One of the strategies is by giving valuable and trusted information about the virus. The government also gives knowledge and understanding about the pandemic, so people know what to do and what they can’t do. This strategy is effective enough to limit the fatal impact. It seems a little bit easy for Findland to attract travelers to visit its travel spots back after the pandemic.