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Serang - Travel Attractions

Serang is the capital of Banten Province. This city is an autonomous region resulting from the division of Serang Regency when Banten was still part of West Java Province. Apart from being the center of the provincial government and the center of business activities, Serang is also the gateway to several amazing tourist destinations in Banten, such as Ujung Kulon National Park, Tanjung Lesung Resort, Sawarna Beach, and many others.


Serang is also the seat of the Banten Islamic Sultanate, which was once a victorious and a leading trading center in Southeast Asia. The splendor of Serang's past still radiates on the site of the old town in the Old Banten area.

Talking about the old city site, the Banten Governor's Hall is an example of an authentic colonial heritage architecture that is still preserved today. Another historical place is Karangantu Harbor, which used to be a place for trading ships from China, Arabia, Turkey and other countries. Although the port has been converted into a fishing town, it is still used for tourist purposes. The reason is that this port is the 'gateway' to the islands off the coast of Banten which are often used as tourist destinations. The beaches are just right for you who want to go fishing, or do water sports such as snorkeling or diving.

Access Towards Attack

Located approximately 90 km west of the capital city of Jakarta, Serang can be reached by traveling approximately 2 hours via the Jakarta-Merak toll road. You can take a public bus from Kalideres Bus Terminal, Jakarta, or take a train from Tanah Abang Train Station and Jakarta Kota Train Station to Serang Station. The routes include Serang Banten Express from Jakarta Kota Station, Patas Merak from Tanah Abang Station, and the Kalimaya Train also from Tanah Abang Station. Or, you can also rent a vehicle to make your trip more comfortable.