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3 Destinations that We Called the Best Diving Spot in the World

3 Destinations that We Called the Best Diving Spot in the World

The underwater scenery is always beautiful, amazing, mesmerizing, and mysterious. That is why people love to try many diving spots all around the world. However, if you ask us the best diving spot in the world, we have three spots on our top list. Here they are.

Raja Ampat, Alor, Komodo Island

There are three spots here, but all of them are located in Indonesia. So, each of them will be easier to reach. The Raja Ampat is the home of more than 75% of the species of coral in this world. While Alor is the home of many exotic fishes, such as hammerheads and other monster-like fishes. Komodo is where you can find beautiful underwater scenery while you can have a relaxing dive. Visit them and you won’t regret it!

3 Destinations that We Called the Best Diving Spot in the World


If you are looking for one of the rarest shark species, the Thresher Shark, this place is the best choice. Moreover, it has 500 different species of coral, which create amazingly beautiful underwater art compositions. This spot also is the place where Dugong lives. Plus, with many shipwrecks here, you can have an amazing underwater adventure. You can find this small island close to Cebu, Philippines.

Silfra Gap - Iceland

Our last recommendation is Silfra Gap in Iceland. This unpolluted water area gives you a different diving experience that you can’t find in other places in the world. It is not only beautiful. But, you will feel like diving in the sky because of its clear water.


That’s all. If you love diving, you should at least visit one of those places. Try it yourself and experience what we call the divine revelation. But, we won’t limit you to those three spots only. You can always explore other places and find your own best diving spot in the world.