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Where is Dreamland Beach Bali located?

Until now, many foreign tourists come and go to Bali to enjoy all the beauty that is in it. A charm that can never be forgotten and will never run out even though it has been explored from corner to corner again. Nothing wrong with this area is also called a tourist paradise.

Dreamland Beach - Where is Dreamland Beach Bali located?

One of its beauties is engraved on Dreamland Beach. The waves are quite large and are also very popular for those who like challenging sports like surfing. This area that is never empty of visitors has a beautiful and enchanting view. Anyone will be impressed and reluctant to leave here.

For most tourists themselves may wonder why this area is called Dreamland. It is said that he said, in the past this area had built a housing project that became one with a tourist area. It's just that this project has been neglected.

In fact, local residents also expect more in this area. at least, those who work as farmers can change their lives and have the opportunity to do business in the tourism sector.

This abandoned land was finally called a dreamland, which means it is a dream land. Interestingly, the name Dreamland is also in accordance with the view that is presented when you are in this place.

Where is Dreamland Beach Bali located?

Address and Route Location

The address of Dreamland beach is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. If you are from outside the island of Bali.

You can travel from Ngurah Rai Airport to this tourist attraction for about 45 minutes. With a distance traveled approximately 18.5 km.

The route to Dreamland beach you can direct the vehicle to Jalan Raya Uluwatu as far as 11.5 km. The road to the next Dreamland beach, enter the Pecatu Indah Raya road for 4.3 km. Until, you arrive at this tourist attraction.

If you don't want to mess around with transportation. You can use online taxi services that have mushroomed around the airport. The price is approximately 60 thousand to 70 thousand rupiah. It depends on the traffic jam or not.

Where is Dreamland Beach Bali located?

Tourist Spots on Dreamland Beach

Here are some things you can enjoy when visiting one of the best destinations in Bali:

1. Sunbathe on the beach

The beach sand on Dreamland Beach is very clean. So, being on the beach with a mat and enjoying the gentle breeze is something worth trying.

In addition, you can also use the long beach for playing football, kites, volleyball, swimming and playing with the waves even though you have to be careful. Everything you can do here with friends or relatives.

Another comfort that you can enjoy on Dreamland Beach is the condition of the beach which is very clean. Therefore, many tourists are advised to dispose of trash in its place. Do not throw it carelessly so that the beauty will be maintained properly.

2. Play Surfing

For those of you who want to enjoy a different sensation, you can try exciting activities like surfing. Understandably, the waves on Dreamland Beach are really cute. Sometimes it can reach 5 meters more.

This is not wasted by tourists, especially foreign tourists who are on vacation here. Therefore, do not be surprised if the comparison will be much different between domestic and foreign tourists.

Many of them agree that the character of the waves on Dreamland beach is almost the same as the one in Kuta. Therefore, many always say that this area is New Kuta Beach.

For those of you who want to rent surfing equipment, you must pay 50 thousand rupiahs.

You can also learn to play with a reliable trainer and have to pay 50 thousand rupiahs until you can. The price is quite cheap right, for the knowledge that you will get.

3. Sunset Nan Tease

The last charm that you can enjoy at Dreamland beach tourist locations is the very good sunset sunset charm. You must bring a camera of the highest quality. Because, the charm of the silhouette is very dear to pass up.

If you want to enjoy it even more beautifully, you can climb to the cliffs which are located not far from the coast. From here, we will see how beautiful the sunlight slowly but surely descends and presents a different hue.

In order not to miss this most beautiful moment you have to come before 5 pm. Looking for the best place. Because, usually the visitors will come and enjoy this sunset moment. Do not forget to also capture every second through videos, photos and also pictures.

4. Hang out at the Café

For those of you who may feel hungry or want to drink. Around the Dreamland coast is readily available. Café that provides a variety of food and drinks. Both from the archipelago and abroad with friendly prices for your pocket.

From the taste, you don't need to ask anymore. It is definitely very delicious and also delicious. So, you must try an experience that you will definitely not forget.

5. Lodging Around

Enjoying Dreamland Beach is not only for one day or two days. Therefore, the best solution is to find lodging around. One of the recommendations is the Klapa Resort which is a 5-star hotel located on Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu, New Kuta Beach I, Badung Regency, Bali.

It is only 12 minutes walk to the beach. Prices per room per night start from 800 thousand. With qualified facilities such as a swimming pool, very comfortable rooms, very friendly and homely service. Super fast free Wifi access, as well as breakfast with a tantalizing menu.

Where is Dreamland Beach Bali located?

For those of you backpackers, you can take advantage of Leggie's Bungalows lodging. This is a 3-star hotel with prices starting from just 250 thousand. Located at Br. Buana Sari Office, Jalan Pantai Bingin, Pecatu, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

The facilities are quite qualified starting from the swimming pool, super fast wifi access, super comfortable beds. As well as having a restaurant where, has a menu that makes you float around.

The distance from the inn to the tourist attraction is approximately 10 km with a travel time of up to 20 to 30 minutes.

Dreamland Beach is very impressive, has a beauty like a dream filled with beautiful and seductive cliffs. Moreover, this tourist attraction is a favorite area in the Pecatu area. So, don't forget to visit this place if you are on vacation on the Island of the Gods.