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The Capitol is one of America's most historic buildings

Washington DC - The Capitol is one of America's most historic buildings. The US congress building is being tarnished by the rioting of Donald Trump's fanatical supporters.

The Capitol is a building with a very long history in the United States. This is where the center of the United States government is located. But the history of the Capitol Building had to be tarnished on Wednesday (6/1) due to the rioting of President Donald Trump's supporters.

The Capitol is one of America's most historic buildings

In total there were 4 victims who died as a result of the action which was claimed to be a peaceful action. Then 52 people were arrested. In fact, the masses of Donald Trump supporters have occupied Capitol Hill and must be driven away by the police.

Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building, Observers: This is treason, Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building.

The Capitol Building is the United States Congress Office. This building has witnessed the inauguration of US presidents starting from the 3rd president Thomas Jeferson, to the 45th US President Donald Trump.

It is in this place that the US Senate and House of Representatives discuss, debate heatedly in deciding national policy, develop consensus and formulate US laws.

Started Built 1793 
The Capitol is one of America's most historic buildings

Precisely on September 18, 1793, George Washington laid the first stone of the United States Capitol Building, as a sign of the start of construction of the building.

The north wing area is the first completed section of the Capitol building. In 1800, the US Congress held its first meeting on the north wing of the Capitol.

After that, in 1807 the south wing of the Capitol building was completed. The first meeting of board members took place in the south wing. In 1811, the two wings were connected.

It took nearly a century to complete this white domed building. Many architects took turns working on this building. The Capitol building itself has 540 rooms.

In its journey, this building was burned down by British troops in 1814, rebuilt, then expanded and restored to what we see today. The Capitol building is now not only a monument to its founder but also to the American people and government.

Capitol Building Becomes Government Icon

Until now, the Capitol Building has become an icon of the government building in Uncle Sam's country. Every year this building is visited by no less than 3 to 5 million tourists from various parts of the world.