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Toya Pakeh Beach, Unusual Beach Tour from the Nusa Islands Bali

The voice from the beach Speaks to the soul. Touch the body rules tightly. So says traveler Kate Chopin. The beach has always had a separate allure, for those who really like to enjoy it. Toya Pakeh Beach is the first beach that you will meet when you arrive at Nusa Penida Island.

The beach that has an attraction in its maritime area is even more attractive for its existence in Toya Pakeh village. A village that has natural beauty that is still awake and beautiful.

The pier by the beach

At this point, you can also see many speed boats, boats, canoes to small boats. Because in addition to being a tourist location, Toya Pakeh Beach is also a pier.

The clear beaches with golden white sand will invite you to relax while enjoying the natural scenery. Many things you can find on this pier beach in Nusa Penida.

There are many beautiful spots that you can visit on this beach, one of which is a Buddhist temple under the sea. To be able to see the truth of this Buddha statue under the sea, you have to dive into the sea and prove it yourself.

Buddhist Temple Under the Sea

Toya Pakeh Beach, Unusual Beach Tour from the Nusa Islands Bali

Relax, because the depth is only about 6 meters. So for those of you who are beginner divers, you must try this place. You can also see the beauty of the underwater world that is offered by diving only at a shallow depth. At a depth of 6 meters, you can already find many interesting coral formations, from soft to hard.

Oh yes, because the visibility is quite high, you can also see several types of fish. Fish that you can find such as, sweetlips, riggerfish, fusiliers, trevally, jack, fish, banner fish, scorpionfish, and many more. Even if you are lucky, you can see sunfish, the fish that are the prima donna here. You can only find the largest ancient fish that is still alive from July to November. So, to visit at the right time.

For those of you who want to do diving activities, you have to be accompanied by a guide. And those of you who can't dive, calm down, you can still witness the beauty of the marine here by snorkeling.

Because the water is super clear, so you can snorkel here, with a shallower depth, you can still see the underwater beauty on this beach. Fun is not it? In fact, it is not only the underwater scenery that has beauty, the coastal scenery here is very charming.

You can even enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery here until dusk starts to greet you, marking the end of the day.

Enjoying the Twilight of Toya Pakeh Beach which creates an addictive effect of beauty and results in serenity

On Toya Pakeh beach, besides you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the underwater world, you can also enjoy the dusk to close the end of your day.

As you know that Bali is a place where the sun sets against the background of the sea, as well as on this beach. The dusk on this beach is no less beautiful, the combination of blue sky and orange sun becomes an amazing sight.

Dusk at Toya Pakeh Beach

Toya Pakeh Beach, Unusual Beach Tour from the Nusa Islands Bali

The charm of Toya Pakeh Beach in Nusa Penida is increasingly visible when sickness arrives, with an aura of golden evening as if it gives beauty. When dusk began to color housing, as if ready to drop himself back into the ocean. Senja always offers serenity and comfort, far from the chaotic environment and provides comfort, especially at sunset at Toya Pakeh beach, Nusa Penida.

While enjoying the evening twilight, a sign of the end of the day, you can enjoy the super calm atmosphere here, which can lead to addiction. If you have enjoyed the beauty and serenity like this, it will feel like talking to yourself, like this one wise word. When you feel that your life is good and lucky, enjoy and be grateful. But when you feel like your life is down and bad, get up and change that view.