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Samosir Island, Not Just a Big Island in the Middle of a Lake

These islands have their own uniqueness and beauty, especially the beaches. Almost all islands in Indonesia are located between or in the middle of the ocean. However, there is one island in Indonesia which is famous, and it is not located in the middle of the ocean.


This island is located in the middle of a lake. We certainly know or have heard of Samosir Island. This island is located in the largest lake in Indonesia, even Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Because Lake Toba is a volcanic lake, Samosir Island is also known as Volcanic Island. Why is it called Volcanic Island?

According to research, the formation of Lake Toba and Samosir Island was due to a massive volcanic eruption around 69,000 to 77,000 years ago with a scale of 8.0 Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI). An eruption with a Scale of 8.0 VEI can be described as a very powerful supervulcanological eruption that spewed more than 1000 km3 of eruptive material with an eruption height of up to 50 km. At that time, the earth's temperature was very low because of the eruption that reached the toposphere and stratosphere layers of the earth.

Samosir Island has an area of ​​about 63,000 hectares or approximately 640 square kilometers. The difference in area with Singapore is not too far away, about nine square kilometers, because Singapore covers an area of ​​approximately 72,150 hectares. Before becoming a separate autonomous region, Samosir Island was included in the Toba-Samosir (Tobasa) Regency but was divided into a separate Regency, namely Samosir Regency.

Samosir Island itself consists of six sub-districts from nine sub-districts in Samosir Regency. Because it is very wide, Samosir Island is included in the 10 largest islands in the world which are in the middle of a lake. Samosir Island is ranked 5th for this category.

In order to visit Samosir Island, tourists can take an airplane to Silangit or Siborong-borong Airport and also Kualanamu Airport. Both are in North Sumatra where Samosir Island is located.

From Kualanamu Airport to Samosir Island, we have to travel overland for approximately four to five hours. From Silangit Airport, the time difference is not too far.

To cross to Samosir Island, we can go through three water routes through Lake Toba, including through Ajibata Port to Tomok Port, via Tigaras to Simanindo and also from Muara to Nainggolan.


Those who want to travel overland, can be reached via a bridge built during the Dutch era. This travel option will take you via Jalan Tele, the route that connects Samosir with Humbang Hasundutan Regency.

Arriving at Samosir Island, we will see the beautiful stretch of Lake Toba. In order to see Lake Toba, preferably from Holbung Hill. This hill is located in Janji Marhatan Village. We can see the vastness of Lake Toba while watching the fishermen looking for fish with their small boats. If the grass is lush green, the hill turns into "Teletubbies Hill".

Not only natural beauty is offered, visitors can see historical tours that still feel cultural nuances. Some of them include the Sigale-gale performance and learning culture in Tomok, going around the Huta Bolon Museum, and visiting the Tomb of King Sidabutar, as well as the uniqueness of Batu Parsidangan.


Want to shop for ulos? We can go to Lumban Suhi Suhi Village. Those who want to post photos on Instagram can come to Puncak Sidiangkat. This place is very beautiful. There are also Binanga Bolon Waterfall, and Situmurun Binangalom which are very cool.

Still not enough? You can wander for a while in Goa Marlakkop, relax in hot springs, and much more.

The charm of this island in the middle of a lake with an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level makes it a “must visit” for tourists, both domestic and foreign. Don't be surprised if you want to come back to this place again, when you are home.

Samosir Island is not just the largest island in the world which is in the middle of a lake. Many can be enjoyed here. Come on, come to Samosir Island.