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Mount Rinjani, Enchantment of Exotic Natural Beauty on the Roof of Lombok

Mount Rinjani, Enchantment of Exotic Natural Beauty on the Roof of Lombok

Are you a nature lover and a mountain lover? It's not complete if you haven't felt the sensation of climbing on a mountain which is famous for its very beautiful natural charm. With an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level and located north of Lombok Island, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Entering the Mount Rinjani National Park area and surrounded by forests and shrubs covering an area of ​​76,000 hectares is a beautiful sight for Mount Rinjani.

Access to Lombok Island can not only be reached by land using direct buses from Jakarta to Mataram by crossing using the ferry twice (Bali Strait and Lombok Strait), it can also be reached by airplane.

Mount Rinjani has a crater about 10 km wide and there is a crater lake called Segara Anak lake with a depth of about 230 m. With the color of the water that is blue like a child of the ocean, the water that flows from this lake forms a very beautiful waterfall and flows through a steep ravine. Many climbers fish in this lake because there are lots of goldfish and tilapia.

Mount Rinjani, Enchantment of Exotic Natural Beauty on the Roof of Lombok

There are 2 hiking trails to reach the Rinjani Peak, namely the Sembalun Line and the Senaru Line. The Sembalun route is a favorite route for climbers because even though the track is longer it can save 700 m altitude.

On the Sembalun Line, climbers will go through a very wide and beautiful expanse of savanna. There are 3 resting posts on this path, and after 3 hikers will face a steep incline with a slope of about 60 degrees. While on the Senaru Line, climbers will pass through tropical forests that are quite dense and steep. As with the Sembalun Line, this route also has 3 resting posts before arriving at the Pelawangan post which is usually used as a camping area.

The charm of Mount Rinjani is almost perfect, so there is no doubt that Rinjani is an attraction that can attract the interest of foreign and domestic tourists to climb it. And climbing Mount Rinjani will certainly be a memory and an unforgettable life experience.