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Ijen Crater - The Enchanting Blue Fire Phenomenon

Ijen Banyuwangi Crater Tour is one of the popular destinations among tourists. Beautiful scenery and cool air are one of the things that attracts many people to visit this place. Especially with the Blue Fire phenomenon, which is only 2 in the world.


This Blue Fire phenomenon has made the name Ijen Crater become so famous, even abroad. Blue Fire or blue fire appears from sulfur when it is dark. You cannot see this Blue Fire phenomenon other than in Ijen Crater and in Iceland.

Ijen Banyuwangi Crater Tour must be visited with all the beauty it offers. You shouldn't miss this mountain which has an altitude of 2,386 meters above sea level when visiting Banyuwangi, especially for mountain lovers. Beautiful and unique scenery can refresh the mind.

The following Liputan6.com summarizes from various sources, Friday (27/12/2019) about the Ijen Banyuwangi crater tour

Ijen Banyuwangi Crater Tour is located on the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java. This mountain climbing can be started from two places. Hikers can depart from Banyuwangi or from Bondowoso.

The main gateway to the Ijen Crater Tourism Park Nature Reserve is located in Paltuding, which is also a PHPA (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation) Post. The initial track of 2 KM is quite heavy because it is uphill. Most of the trails are on a 25-35 degree slope.

In addition to climbing, the soil structure is also sandy, which increases the weight of the footsteps because you have to hold your weight so you don't slide backwards. After resting at the Warung Pos Bundar (a unique post because it has a circular shape), the next route goes up a bit steep and slippery. Continued the last 1 KM relatively sloping, but climbers are treated to views of a very beautiful mountain range.

To go down to the crater you have to cross rocky terrain as far as 800 meters with steep conditions up to a 45 degree slope.

Blue Fire 

The Blue Fire phenomenon may be the main attraction of this Ijen Banyuwangi Crater tour. Seeing these blue flames is certainly the main goal of everyone climbing this mountain.

If you want to see blue fire, of course you have to climb first. The height of the crater is about 2,443 meters above sea level. The blue flames that only exist in 2 in the world are a very unique feature of this Ijen Banyuwangi Crater tour.

You can't see blue fire all the time. There are certain times to witness its beauty. There is also a time around 02.00 WIB to 03.00 WIB. If you are lucky, you can see this rare and unique phenomenon. Blue fire can only be seen by the human eye when there is no light, which is why the ideal time to see it is 2 to 4 in the morning.

Sunrise View 

Ijen Banyuwangi Crater Tour also offers a Beautiful Sunrise. The moment you can get there is the beautiful process of the sunrise on Mount Ijen. From this mountain you can also see the beautiful charm of mountains in other areas such as the peaks of Mount Raung, Mount Suket, and Mount Rante.