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Gili Air Lombok, The Beauty of Natural Tourism that Stunning the Eyes

Gili Air Lombok, The Beauty of Natural Tourism that Stunning the Eyes

Gili Air Lombok - When talking about the natural beauty of Lombok, it is endless. Going to Lombok is like a tourist destination. No wonder there are many tourists going back and forth to this area, starting from local and foreign tourists. Lombok is synonymous with the beauty of the island. In addition, there are also 3 Gili which is a favorite place for tourists. One of them is Gili Air Lombok which is closest to Lombok. Gili Air is indeed a scenic attraction that is different from other tourist attractions.

The route to Gili Air Lombok

Compared to the other 2 dyke (Meno and Trawangan) water dyke is closer to the island of Lombok. This Gili is located in the village of Gili Indah, Pemenang District, North Lombok Regency. To get to this Gili Air tourist spot, you have to fill it through the Bangsal port using a motor boat (boat) for about 25 minutes.

For the distance of the Bangsal port from the provincial capital, namely 225.1 km or by using four wheels, the estimated time is about 50 minutes. However, don't be confused if you miss the boat schedule because you can rent a boat but at a higher price. So as much as possible can arrive before the schedule so there is no need to rent the boat back.

Along the way, tourists will be spoiled by the natural beauty of Lombok. If you choose the first route, you will pass through the entry area which can later enter the Mount Rinjani area. Meanwhile, if you pass the second route, visitors can freely enjoy the coastline to the Bangsal port.

Gili Air Lombok entrance ticket price

To be able to enjoy all the natural beauty of Gili Air Lombok, it is quite cheap, you only need to pay 50,000 / person. While the opening and closing hours are up to 24 hours. The beauty of the beach is increasingly felt from the sunrise and sunset. So some reviews from the attraction of Gili Air to the route and entrance ticket prices.

The Allure of Gili Air Lombok

As the description above, Lombok has 3 dyke, one of which is Gili Air Lombok. This Gili is an area occupied by a lot of local people, although it is not too crowded. Among the tribes that still exist around this area are the Sasak and Bugis. The local people named this Gili as 'Tengaq Aiq' which means the middle of the sea. The residents of this area also mostly work as traders, families and fishermen.

Gili Air Lombok, The Beauty of Natural Tourism that Stunning the Eyes

Gili Air Lombok has clear sea water so it is perfect for snorkeling or diving. Don't worry, you don't need to bring snorkeling equipment if you don't want to be bothered because there are operators who rent out the equipment. with blue sea air, the underwater looks even more amazing. To get the best spot, you can head east with a depth of 1.5 - 3 meters.

For those who want to dive and enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok, they can ask professional beginners to accompany them. Under this dyke you can find various fish, turtles, or seahorses. Meanwhile, other tourist attractions that are most sought after by tourists include Air Wall, Frogfish Point, Air Slope, Malang Reef, and Segaluh. Almost all of these places offer natural beauty in the form of clusters of coral reefs and colorful fish swimming here and there.

Each of these places has a unique and individual beauty. A small example is like the water wall, which will be treated to views of coral reefs that stretch like a wall. Here you will also find a variety of marine life that is always in every dyke or even the best spot in Lombok.

Besides playing snorkeling or diving, you can also take a leisurely walk around the island. In addition, visitors can chat with residents around this area. The residents are also famous for their hospitality, so there is no need to hesitate to start chatting with local residents. The comfortable and calm atmosphere on Gili Air Lombok is a great idea for future vacation plans. This place is also suitable for people who are often in crowded and noisy places.

Gili Air Lombok, The Beauty of Natural Tourism that Stunning the Eyes

Gili Air has white sand beaches which add to its beauty. For those who don't like snorkeling, they can play on the beach while enjoying stunning views. The sea water is clean and clear blue which makes its beauty even more complete. For who like bathing in sea water or just playing water, Gili water can be the right choice.

Even though the dyke is in the middle of the sea, the facilities provided are fairly complete. Starting from inns, restaurants, cafes, or others are available here. So you don't need to be confused anymore if you want to spend days enjoying all the beauty that is presented on the island of Lombok. So there is no doubt that tourists who have visited want to come back here again.