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Dreamland Beach Bali Surfing Paradise

Dreamland Beach is a tourist attraction in Bali that offers a very charming natural beauty. This beach is equipped with white sand and large waves that certainly make anyone who comes here feel at home. This place is also one of the surfing locations in Bali, so it is perfect to be your tourist destination, especially for those of you who like surfing.

Dreamland Beach Bali Surfing Paradise

Dreamland Beach is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. You can reach this beach about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach towards Jimbaran. Many tourists who come from foreign countries come to the tourist area of ​​Dreamland Beach Bali, that's because the atmosphere of this beach is very calm, and the location of the beach is behind a cliff, here you can relax while sitting or sunbathing on a long chair and enjoy a very beautiful beach atmosphere.

This place is also often used for shooting locations for both National Films or foreign films, besides that for couples who are going to do weddings, Dreamland Beach is great for pre-wedding shoots.

To enter this tourist area, you will not be charged any fees, only a car park fee, which is 15,000 rupiah. This tourist attraction is often touted as "New Kuta Beach" because of the similarity of atmosphere. Even for visitors who have been to this place, they often say that this beach is in better condition. Bali Dreamland Beach along with towering cliffs and large rocks around its shores. This is what its twin, the previously famous Kuta beach, does not have.

You may be confused why this beach is called Dreamland? Other beaches in Bali use local names, while this beach uses English, namely Dreamland, which means dream land. It turns out that there are origins. That said, this beach is called Dreamland because the Pecatu area was about to be built as one of the largest and most unique tourist center areas in Southeast Asia. In addition, there will also be built superlux resorts, combined with enchanting tourist areas and natural authenticity and environmental preservation. Previously this area was a barren and arid area. However, the project was hampered due to the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia at that time, so that it became neglected. Meanwhile, the residents of Pecatu village who used to live as farmers really hoped that the project would be completed and they were pursuing other businesses in the tourism sector. Due to the high hopes of the people and this land to become the land of their future, this land was named Dreamland (land of dreams). And now, this area has really been transformed as one of Bali's very popular tourist attractions, especially for tourists who like to surf.

To visit Dreamland Beach, you have to travel south to Pecatu, to be precise to the tourist area of ​​Pecatu Indah Resort. If you depart from the Kuta area, this place can be reached in approximately 30 minutes. In the middle of the trip you will also pass a tourist destination in Bali which is also quite popular, namely the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). And indeed, the location is close to New Kuta Green Park, even in one location. You also don't need to worry about getting lost, because in Bali itself you will find a lot of clear directions to direct you to your destination.

Dreamland Beach Bali offers beauty with coral rock decorations around it, which presents a different nuance. Coral cliffs look beautiful on the edges, the beach is even less visitors. White sand and steep gully become a sight that is so captivating to the eye. The water is also very clear like crystal. It's a shame you don't visit this beach object in Bali. Because the place is quiet and the texture of the waves is pretty good, visitors who like to surf will certainly feel pampered, the contortion and rolling of the waves are an interesting challenge, more foreign tourists come here besides surfing and sunbathing. There are also many visitors who spend their time in this place just playing with the sand, which is certainly very fun.

The beauty of the coral on the shoreline also adds to the romantic and erotic nuance of this beach, plus a visit to Dreamland Beach in the afternoon, you will support a very enchanting sunset view. The existence of natural embedded corals adds to the exotic, romantic, integrated feel of this beach in addition to the sunset treats. So Dreamland Beach is very feasible and you must visit it while on vacation to the island of Bali.

For facilities on this Bali Dreamland Beach, you can rent an umbrella provided along the beach to avoid the hot sun. If you want to swim but don't bring a change of clothes, you can buy it in the tourist area of ​​Dreamland. After descending the steps, a line of clothes traders will offer you their wares. In addition, there are several shops that sell food and drinks. In addition, there are also toilet facilities available here if you want to change clothes or take a shower. However, the rate is quite expensive even if it is just for urinating in this area. If you want to stay overnight, in the Dreamland area, there are dozens of resorts and villas that stand to support tourism on Dreamland Beach. Some of the resorts and villas stand on the cliff so you can enjoy the beautiful beach view from the top of the cliff.

According to the tour guide there, Dreamland is the only place in Bali that uses international law. So that the rules that apply on this beach are freer. Visitors can consume alcohol or women can go topless on this beach without being penalized.

In this place you will also find lots of souvenir sellers and souvenirs, all of which are Balinese, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring your relatives and souvenirs after you vacation at Dreamland Beach Bali.