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Bunaken National Park, Amazing Underwater Nature Tourism in Manado

The beauty of Indonesia's natural tourism is not new anymore. Especially because of the advantageous location of Indonesia with all the charm of its beauty. Not only land conditions such as mountains, waterfalls, park attractions to relics of caves in the colonial era but also anesthetic underwater conditions. Not a few islands in Indonesia are still so well preserved and offer underwater beauty to be explored.


One of the well-known types of tourism in Indonesia is marine tourism. This is due to the abundance of marine resources that can be used as a tourist area. For example, like the Bunaken National Park, which is a marine park with an incomparable natural charm. It is located in the North Sulawesi region and is still very natural.

Underwater charm of Bunaken National Park 

Bunaken is a national park that was designated by the Minister of Forestry in 1991 as a tourist attraction. Has a location that is representative of Indonesia's tropical aquatic ecosystem. It consists of mangrove forest ecosystems, seagrass beds to coral reefs and terrestrial or coastal ecosystems. The island in it is indeed rich in flora and fauna where Bunaken National Park has 13 genera or genera of living corals with a predominance of fringing coral and barrier reefs. There are about 91 types of fish that live in these waters. For example, like gusumi horse fish, yellow tail lollies to gasians.

Those who come to enjoy underwater tourism are also not only from local tourists but from abroad or foreign tourists. Once again it proves that tourism in Indonesia does have world appeal. In this place there are also many marine tourism activities that visitors can do. Starting from diving, snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming. There is also a diving ceter with the name Dragonet and was once the secretariat for the Sail Bunaken event. The place is on Kalase beach, precisely on the edge of Manado city. Sail Bunaken itself broke the MURI record with more than 2000 divers participating in the flag ceremony on the seabed.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Dagonet Diving Center himself employs dive instructors who are SDI or Scuba Diving International certified. Dragonet itself offers diving lessons for beginners. For example, visitors or beginner divers learn the basics of diving for 15 minutes and will be invited gradually up to 45 minutes at a depth of up to 6 meters. The assistance from the Diving Center will certainly make it easier for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the underwater natural attractions of Bunaken Marine Park.

This tourist spot is located in the Minahasa Regency, Manado Municipality. Meanwhile, to the north of the national park, there are the islands of Bunaken, Montehage, Manado Tua, Nain Kecil, Siladen and part of the coastal area of ​​Tanjung Pisok.

A Brief History of Bunaken National Park 

It's incomplete if you don't know a small part of Bunaken National Park, namely its history. The beauty of the Bunaken Marine Park is not just discovered. But this park used to be a remote area. Because at that time I was still in the New Order era, where there was not much time for holidays. There are only a few people who venture out to truly see the beauty of Indonesia.

Some divers appeared who tried to examine the beauty of this sea. However, the divers also did not immediately dive smoothly, but they got directions from the fishermen. Local residents, especially fishermen, have advised not to dive in the sea because there are evil spirits inhabiting them.

This still continued until the 1970s because it was known for its magical elements and myths about spirits and ghosts, there were fishermen who died from diving. This incident is increasingly connected with the magical power in the sea. However, the divers who want to research do not back down or stop exploring the beauty below.

They dive again and find what is called an underwater paradise. Divers tell stories to local authorities. This is where the coordination was carried out and the Bunaken National Park was formed, which is still a heaven on earth for visitors who come from anywhere.

The Attraction of Bunaken Marine Park 

Why is Bunaken called heaven on earth? Nothing but because of the heat divers can find about 20 diving spots. There are 12 of them can be found on the island of Bunaken itself. Even the uniqueness of the dives here is the visibility that can reach 20 meters. The existence of this condition indicates that the water is so clear.

At certain times, the visibility of this area can indeed reach less than 35 meters. In addition, there is also a giant rock wall that is curved and vertical. The function of this wall is to feed the small fish in the sea.

The visitors can see extraordinary beauty. In fact, all the dive points in the world are said to be inferior to those in this area. Therefore, there are also many foreign tourists who come to prove the charm offered by this Bunaken Marine Park.

There is one more thing that every foreign tourist also feels. Indonesian citizens or people are famous for their hospitality. The residents are also famous for their smiling faces and most of them are fluent in English, especially for foreign tourists who come to Bunaken Marine Park. There are also some fishermen who usually take visitors to this dive who are fluent in several languages. They learn to be able to provide the best service and make visitors feel comfortable.

Routes & Prices for Entrance to Bunaken National Park 

For tourists who want to go to Bunaken National Park, they can take a plane to Manado city first. Then from Sam Ratulangi International Airport, you can continue your journey to Manado City using a taxi as the fastest transportation.

Later from Manado, it will be directed to the port of Marina Blue Banter. After that, visitors can use a boat to go to Bunaken Island which takes about 20 minutes. Only then will you be able to enjoy the various beauties that exist in this region.

The price of admission to Bunaken National Park does not drain the bag. Only with Rp. 5000 alone can enter tourist attractions. However, it will be very expensive for foreign tourists who come at a price of Rp. 150,000. Meanwhile, to do snorkeling activities, visitors have to pay Rp. 150,000 to rent diving equipment for one hour.

The price issued will not be heavy if visitors have seen how the natural beauty that is under the Bunaken sea is. Not to mention the facilities and accommodation in the form of hotels in the Bunaken area. It is available with various options that can make it easier for visitors to choose the best hotel. There are also dive rentals where visitors also don't have to worry about guaranteeing safety and security because they are equipped with the best instructors for tourists.

Interesting Activities in Bunaken National Park 

If you are planning a vacation to this tourist destination, invite your friends and extended family to play together. Because there are quite a lot of exciting activities that can be done. Are you getting interested? Come on, see the fuller explanation below.

1. Playing while Learning

For teenagers or children who are still in school, making Bunaken National Park a study tour destination is the right choice. Why is that? Because in addition to enjoying the beauty of nature and playing with water, students can also learn about biota, ecosystems, and the landscape in Bunaken.

There is even a mangrove tree planting program where you can observe how it can be a good experience for children. Besides that, there are also coral transplants that are no less exciting to see. Invite your siblings or siblings to add deeper knowledge of the sea.

2. Diving and Snorkeling

It is certain that if you stop by on marine tourism you will dive or snorkel. Diving in the sea of ​​Bunaken is simply amazing. The contents of biota species and their ecosystems are very pleasing to the eye because they are full of color. Moreover, you can see coral reefs that grow so beautifully and are characteristic of Bunaken National Park.

If you want to explore the beauty of the Bunaken sea, you need to be accompanied by a guide who is an expert diving. That way security can be guaranteed so that nothing unwanted happens.

Apart from diving, snorkeling is also an exciting activity to do. You can dive in parts of the water that are not too deep or shallow and observe the beauty of marine life and coral reefs from there.

3. Watching Dolphins and Whales

There is a natural habitat for dolphins and whales in the Bunaken Sea. Rent a boat to see these marine animals up close. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins doing attractions. Point the boat into the middle of the sea so that the animal's presence can be reached.

Capture the moment as a memento of having a vacation in Bunaken. Take photos with a clear sea background with a group of dolphins and whales around the ship.

4. Observing the Sunset

It is not uncommon to see dusk in the evening when the sun is about to set. The view from the horizon of the barracks that looks charming will really exposed the eye. Wait until the bias orange light starts to spread and bounces over the sea. You will be amazed when you see it. Moreover, being accompanied by loved ones.

The charm and beauty of this Bunaken marine park cannot be ignored. When the eyes of the world are in this park, of course, it is fitting for Indonesia as the host to really maximize what is presented. Explore it well and take care of it so that it is not damaged by human behavior or natural events. Make the best of your time to create unforgettable memories in this tourist destination. Take lots of photos and selfies to remember that you've come here before.