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Bromo - The tradition of the Bromo people

The origin of the Kasada ceremony occurred several centuries ago. “During the reign of the Brawijaya Dynasty from the Majapahit kingdom, the empress was blessed with a daughter named Roro Anteng. After growing up, the Princess fell in love with a young boy from the Brahman caste named Joko Seger. At the time the Majapahit Empire was in decline and the development of Islam in Java was getting flare up. Some of the royal confidants and part of their families decided to go to the east. And mostly to the perch mountain area, including Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. 

Bromo - The tradition of the Bromo people

After they became rulers of this area, they were very sad because they had not been blessed with a child. They tried various methods, until they finally went to the top of Mount Bromo to meditate. Finally, their request was granted with the appearance of a magical voice, on the condition that their youngest child after birth had to be sacrificed to the bottom of Mount Bromo. After they were blessed with 25 children, it was time they had to sacrifice their youngest. But they do not have the heart to do it, because the conscience of the parents could not bear to kill their child. Finally, the god was angry and licked the youngest child into the bottom of the mountain, a voice emerged from the youngest so that their parents lived peacefully with their siblings. And every year to make offerings that are thrown into Mount Bromo. Until now, this tradition has been carried out from generation to generation.

Bromo - The tradition of the Bromo people

To be able to see the Kasada Bromo ceremony, it is better if we come before midnight, because of the busy preparation of the shamans. On the day of the Kasada Bromo ceremony, many local residents came. Either riding a motorbike or other private vehicle. So that the road down to the foot of the mountain is very jammed. And it can make the car from the gate unable to go down. Another way down is that you are walking with a group of residents heading to the temple. Because if you are certain you will get lost, because the fog is very thick and the view is very disturbed.

In addition, the Kasada Bromo ceremony is also carried out to appoint a healer or shaman in each village. So that they can be appointed by the traditional elders, they must be able to practice and memorize incantations. A few days before the Kasada Bromo ceremony begins, they work on the offerings which will later be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo. On the night of the 14th month of Kasada, the perch people flocked to bring ongkek containing offerings from various kinds of agricultural and livestock products. Then they took him to the temple and while waiting for the revered old shaman to come they returned to memorize and recite the incantation, at midnight the inauguration of the shaman and the blessing of the people dipoten the sea of ​​sand from Mount Bromo was held. For the Tengger community, the role of the shaman is very important. Because they are in charge of leading rituals, weddings etc. Before graduating they are required to pass an exam by memorizing and fluent in reading spells.

After the ceremony is completed, ongkek - ongkek containing offerings is carried from the foot of Mount Bromo to the top of the crater. And they threw into the crater, as a symbol of the sacrifices made by their ancestors. Inside the crater there are many beggars and perch residents who live inland, they came to Mount Bromo far in advance and set up a place to live in the crater of Mount Bromo in the hope that they will get offerings thrown. People who throw offerings of various kinds of fruit and livestock products, they take it as their vows or thanks to God for the abundant livestock and agricultural products. We can see the activities of the inhabitants of the inland perch under Mount Bromo from night to day Kasada Bromo.