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Angels Billabong, Looking at the Beauty Hidden Behind the Beach Rocks, Nusa Penida Bali

Angels Billabong, a final estuary of a river. Before the river water reaches the open seas, it empties into these Billabong Angels, and features natural pond inlets that are very beautiful and stunning.
Angels Billabong, Looking at the Beauty Hidden Behind the Beach Rocks, Nusa Penida Bali

Still in Nusa Penida, not far from Pasih Uug Beach or Broken Beach. You will find again the beauty that nature offers, a beautiful, enchanting lagoon.

At this point, you will find a natural pool with its own uniqueness. Namely the collection of water which is naturally turquoise, very different from the color of ocean water which has blue water.

Here you will also see yellowish green rocks. It adds to the beauty and clarity of the water flowing here. And in full, you can enjoy it while playing water directly.

Exciting activities that you can do at the end of a dead-end river

It's not enough to enjoy the scenic beauty that this pool offers, the most fun activity you can do is definitely swimming. When you swim here, you will get a different experience. Because of its quiet location, it will make you comfortable swimming here for a long time.

Exciting activities at Bidadari Lagoon
Coupled with the view of the ocean that will immediately spoil your eyes when swimming here, what else is incomplete?

Even while swimming here, you can clearly hear the sound of the waves crashing directly into the reef. However, to be able to do these activities you need to pay attention to the right time to visit here.

Best time to visit Angel's lagoon, Angels Billabong

As with most other tide pools, you need to ensure the right time to visit these Billabong Angels. So you can get the best view here.

If you visit Angels Billabong when the tide is high, what you will find here is much different from the one in the photo. Because the beauty that is at the bottom of this pool will be covered with sea water.

So, before you decide to take a vacation here, make sure first how the tides are here. you can check it on the online site first.

Oh yes, because this destination is already very famous, if you visit this place during the holiday season, you have to share the beauty of the Angels Billabong pool with other tourists.

But you can outsmart this by visiting this place in the morning. When other tourists are still having breakfast or are still in bed, you can enjoy the beauty of this pool with satisfaction in the morning. But don't forget the ebb and flow conditions either.

A Quick and Easy Way to This Hidden Heaven

Just like when you are going to Pasih uug, you need to cross first to arrive at Nusa Penida Island from the Sanur Bali crossing. You can use speedboats that have been rented out a lot at this pier. The time you need to travel across the ocean is about 1 hour.

Oh yes. look and pay attention to the speedboat travel schedule from this crossing, yes, because the operating hours are only from 07.30 to 16.00, if it is already above that hour there are no more boats that you can take to cross.

After crossing, you still need to travel overland using a motorbike. Many say, because the location of Angels Billabong is quite remote, you should go with a local guide so you don't get lost.

Even though the road that you are going to pass is not that good, after 1 hour of this road trip, you will find the location of the beach. The location of Angels Billabong is indeed close to Pasih Uug Beach or broken beach, you only need to walk about 300 meters, crossing the hill with a footpath.