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Traditions of the Ngaju Dayak Tribe in Central Kalimantan

Traditions of the Ngaju Dayak Tribe in Central Kalimantan

The Ngaju Dayak tribe is the original ethnic group and the largest Dayak sub-ethnic in Central Kalimantan. The distribution is quite wide and is mainly concentrated in the Palangkaraya area, Pulang Pisau Regency, Gunung Mas Regency, Kapuas Regency, Katingan Regency, East Kotawaringin Regency, and Seruyan Regency.

Reporting from Pesona indonnesia.com, It is said that the ancestors of the Dayak Ngaju are believed to have come from a kingdom located in the southern Yunan mountain valley, to be precise in northwest China bordering Vietnam. They migrated on a large scale around the year 3,000 - 1,500 BC. Now Dayak Ngaju is the largest sub-ethnic group in Central Kalimantan. In the midst of the development of the modern world, they still maintain the values ​​and traditions of their ancestral teachings.

Kaharingan belief
The distinctive feature of the Ngaju Dayak tribe is that until now they still adhere to the Kaharingan belief. Kaharingan has the meaning of growing or living, so the belief in Kaharingan is a belief in God Almighty who lives and grows from generation to generation and is lived by the Dayak people on the island of Borneo.

In addition, the Ngaju Dayak tribe also performs tiwah ceremonies. This ceremony is a process of delivering spirits or ancestral spirits to heaven through Lewu Tatau Habaras Bulau Hagusung Intan Dia Rumpang Tulang, which means an eternal and eternal place. This tribe believes that their ancestors will be happy and happy if their spirits have been delivered.

Tattoo Traditions
Similar to other Dayak tribes on the island of Borneo, the Ngaju Dayak tribe also has a tradition of tattooing. Both men and women, the Dayak Ngaju people tattoo certain parts of their bodies,

Traditional clothes, red and hornbills
The traditional clothing of the Ngaju Dayak tribe also has its own characteristics. This tribe uses traditional clothes which are dominated by red and yellow.

Customary Law and Natural Harmony
From ancient times until now, the Ngaju Dayak people are known for their customary laws. Especially with regard to how they coexist with nature or forest. Customary law is a rule that has been outlined and passed down by their ancestors to be obeyed.