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Traditional Clothing in Banten Province, Baduy Tribe

Traditional Clothing in Banten Province, Baduy Tribe

Apart from being rich in tourist destinations and culinary tours, Banten Province also has indigenous cultures, one of which is in the form of traditional clothing, such as Baduy Traditional Clothing, which we quoted from histori-negara.com The Baduy tribe is an inland tribe that is often considered the original tribe of the Banten people. This tribe still holds close to customary laws and closes itself off from outside society and technological advances.

However, in terms of acceptance of the community from outside, the Baduy tribe itself is divided into two, namely the Inner Baduy tribe which does not want to interact with outsiders at all, and the Outer Baduy tribe which still wants to interact but with certain boundaries. In terms of traditional clothing, the two types of Baduy tribe also have quite striking differences.

The traditional clothing of the Inner Baduy tribe that is worn by men is called Jamang Sangsang. Its use is by being doubted or hanging on the body. The material used comes from native cotton spun obtained from the forest. Sewn by hand, has holes on the sleeves and neck without collars, does not have buttons or pockets.

This sangsang dress is combined with subordinate clothes in the form of black or dark blue wrapped around the waist. This sangsang dress is equipped with a headband made of white cloth which functions as a hair barrier.

The traditional Baduy clothes are white, because for the Baduy tribe, white has a philosophical meaning that they are still sacred and have not been influenced by outside cultures. So they even though they look backward but hold strong principles. The Inner Baduy community, especially for women, wear clothes such as a sarong with blackish blue from the heel to the chest. The style, cut and color are the same, except for the clothes. This type of clothing is usually worn for everyday wear at home.

For Banten traditional clothing, especially the Outer Baduy tribe, it has a design that seems more dynamic. Men from the outer Baduy tribe wear machine-stitched clothes, have buttons and pockets, the material is not glued, it must be pure cotton. The color of the Outer Baduy tribe is black, therefore this shirt is called the kampret shirt (bat shirt). The Outer Baduy tribe wears a dark blue headband with a batik pattern.

For women's traditional clothing, the Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy tribes do not have too striking differences. Pattern The sarong or women's cloth is almost the same in style, namely a black base with white stripes, while a white and blue scarf combined with red. For traveling clothes, in general the women of the Outer Baduy tribe wear a kebaya, a blackish-blue woven sarong, a karembong, a belt and a scarf.