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There are 1500 Komodo dragons on Rinca Island - Komodo Islands

There are 1500 Komodo dragons on Rinca Island - Komodo Islands

Flores and the Komodo Islands, which are the original habitat of ancient Komodo dragons, have apparently become a favorite destination visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. So many people flock to these islands just to see firsthand the behavior of these extinct animals. Apart from its beauty which is recognized by the world for successfully bearing the title of "New 7 Wonders of Nature", this place is lined up with other beautiful places around the world. This island is included in the UNESCO world heritage site, because it is included in the Komodo National Park area along with Komodo Island, Padar Island and Gili Motang. Administratively, this island is included in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, NTT.

But, did you know that not only on Komodo Island, you can see these ancient animals? Yes, on Rinca Island you can see it too. The island, which is part of the Komodo Islands, is also the original habitat for Komodo dragons with the second largest population after Komodo Island. Although the area is smaller than Komodo Island, a population of around 1500 Komodo dragons will be easier to find on Rinca Island than on Komodo. Actually there are Komodo dragons on Padar Island, but the break in the food chain causes the ecosystem on the island to become undeveloped so that in the end the Komodo dragon population goes extinct.

The location of Rinca Island itself is closer to Labuan Bajo when compared to Komodo Island, with the highest point of this island being Doro (Mount) Ora with an altitude of about 670 masl. Not only dragons, this island also lives various types of animals such as dragons, wild boar, buffalo and birds.

There are 1500 Komodo dragons on Rinca Island - Komodo Islands

There are choices of trekking paths, from short, medium, to long trekking. Visitors are free to choose their own route, adjusted to physical conditions for safety and minimize risks in the field later. Along the trekking path, visitors will be accompanied by beautiful views of the hills and expanse of blue sea. This hill will become dry and yellow during the dry season, while when entering the rainy season this hill will change color to green. On the sidelines of a trekking trip, visitors will find a beauty hilltop that has a typical view of Rinca Island. The expanse of blue sea combined with exotic hills adds to the beauty of Rinca Island. Really spoil the eyes of every visitor.

Not only that, Rinca Island also offers visitors to take part in protecting the environment with a mangrove planting program. To buy seeds, visitors have to pay 150,000 rupiah. Uniquely, these mangrove seeds can be labeled according to our name and later when visitors visit Rinca Island they can find out the development of mangrove trees according to their name.

There are 1500 Komodo dragons on Rinca Island - Komodo Islands indonesiakaya

Access to Tourist Locations

To get to P. Rinca, one way is to start the journey from Labuan Bajo by using a chartered boat. Visitors can also use the services of travel agents who provide sailing Komodo tour packages along the road around Labuan Bajo Harbor. The journey to Rinca Island from Labuan Bajo is taken for 2 hours by sea of ​​course and anchors at the Loh Buaya pier on Rinca Island. From the guard post, visitors will be combined with guards to explore and trace the dragons' trail on Rinca Island.

Entrance Fee (HTM)

The total price of the entrance ticket on Rinca Island will indeed be cheaper than Komodo Island, which is around 25,000 rupiah but does not include ranger fees.


There are several supporting facilities for visitors such as toilets, food stalls and even homestays around the security post on Rinca Island. However, it is better if visitors complete food supplies, especially drinks, first as a provision for trekking so that they don't become dehydrated in the middle of the hot sun.