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The Difference Between The Traditional Clothes Of The Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy

The difference between the traditional clothes of the Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy

The Baduy tribe is one of the tribes in Indonesia. This tribe still holds and maintains the full purity of its customs, traditions, and local wisdom. Located in Kanekes village, Leuwidamar sub-district, Lebak Regency, Banten.

The Baduy tribe has characteristics that are quite well known by the Indonesian people. However, we need to know that the Baduy tribe is divided into two parts, namely the inner Baduy tribe and also the outer Baduy tribe. Both have different characteristics but are still in the same scope.

Apart from the headband, which is still a characteristic of the two tribes, it turns out that the color of the clothes is also believed to have a difference between the two tribes. Clothing is one of the objects to protect yourself and show a self-image for the Baduy people. Even though they are classified as an inland community that rejects modernization, this does not mean that the Baduy people ignore the ethics and aesthetics of dress.

The Baduy tribe considers that clothing is not just protecting the body, but as a cultural identity, all of which are inherited from the karuhun, the term for ancestors, which must be preserved and preserved to this day.

So how do you differentiate between inner Baduy and outer Baduy? Let's look at the reviews.

The white color is for the Inner Baduy Tribe

Men who live in Baduy wearing long sleeves and plain white are usually called “jamang sangsang”. It is called that because the way to use it is only doubted or placed on the body.

There are only a few holes in the sangsang dress design, namely on the neck to the chest. The cut does not use a collar, no buttons, and also has no clothing pockets. Generally, the color of the clothing of the Baduy people is white. The making of Sangsang Jamang itself is only done by hand and cannot be sewn by machine. The basic material itself must be made from the original woven cotton yarn.

For their subordinates, Baduy people use a similar cloth with a blue-black color. Although at first glance it looks like pants, but actually the cloth is only wrapped around the waist. so that it is strong and does not sag, tied the sarong with a piece of cloth.

As a complement, on the head they use a white headband. For the Baduy people, the headband functions as a cover for their long hair. Fabrics are often combined with scarves. The Baduy people believe that plain white clothes can have the meaning of being clean.

Black color for the Outer Baduy tribe

Unlike the case with the inner Baduy, the outer Baduy wear black clothes. Not only the color of the clothes, but the design of the clothes is different, which resembles a long robe, but there is a slit on the front. In addition, the clothing from the outer Baduy tribe also looks more modern, namely there is a button in the middle, has a pocket, and also has to use pure cotton thread.

The outer Baduy dress code is indeed a little loose compared to the inner Baduy tribe. It can be seen from the color, model, or pattern, the outer Baduy clothes show that their life has been influenced by modern culture.

Clothing for Baduy men is very important. For both inside and outside Baduy people, this outfit is waijb to be used when traveling. Not only that, they were also required to always carry a weapon in the form of a machete tucked behind their waist and equipped with a cloth bag or what is commonly known as a koja bag.