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Interesting Information About Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

Interesting Information About Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

It turns out that Pink Labuan Bajo Beach is one of Indonesia's maritime charms that can be found in several places. This beach is unique because of the color of the beach sand which is rarely found on other beaches. One of the most famous is Lombok pink beach.

Even so, Lombok's pink beach is not the only one. There are still about 6 other locations that also have similar tourist spots. Well, Labuan Bajo as one of the marine tourism spots that has recently soared also has this unique beach.

Labuan Bajo Pink Beach

Pink Beach Labuan Bajo is located on Komodo Island  West Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. To go to the location, tourists do have to take advantage of several modes of transportation. Because of its existence on an island surrounded by beaches.

The easiest way to get to Labuan Bajo is via Bali. Using an airplane with a capacity of 50 passengers, tourists can land directly at Labuan Bajo Airport. From Labuan Bajo Airport, proceed to Komodo Island.

By utilizing the Labuan Bajo boat rental service, namely a speed boat, tourists are escorted to Loh Liang Pier, Komodo Island  A trip using a speed boat takes less time than trekking.

Trekking to this tourist spot is quite challenging. However, tourists can enjoy the surrounding scenery and see Komodo up close. The trekking trip takes about 4 hours by passing through coral cliffs and mangrove forests.

Interesting Information About Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

Pink Beach Interesting Facts

Pink Beach is so phenomenal. In countries outside Indonesia, this type of tourist location is unique. So, how is the uniqueness of Pink Beach Labuan Bajo?  Check out some of the following interesting facts.

1. Pink Sand

Because the beach sand is pink, that's why this beach is known as “Pink Beach”. The pink color comes from a microscopic animal called Foraminifera which then gives the red pigment to the coral. The corals are carried by the waves towards the coast and then crushed into shreds and grains which now become beach sand.

The pink color is not only at one point, but along the coastline on Komodo Island  the sand is reddish pink. This proves that in this area there are quite a lot of Foraminifera animals. It is the mixing of red coral and white crystalline sand that causes the color to turn pink.

Interesting Information About Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

2. There are various coral and fish species

When tourists choose snorkeling as the main activity on vacation on this beach, they will be spoiled with various kinds of coral and fish species. The corals under the sea consist of fine and hard corals, as well as various colors. Apart from coral, the fish species in this place are also quite rich, so snorkeling activities will be very fun.

There are rules for visiting this beach, that is, ships cannot approach the shoreline. This aims to keep the coral in good condition. The clear color of the water makes coral and fish visible even though visitors only walk a few meters from the ripples of the beach. So when you arrive near the island, tourists will board a boat that is connected using a rope.

3. Home of the Komodo “Dragon”

For those of you who are just planning to visit this beach, don't be surprised if you will meet the Komodo dragon. The largest remaining reptile species in the world can be found because this island is its natural habitat. Make sure you stay away if you see Komodo dragons. Because the island is uninhabited, the Komodo dragons will think of you as an enemy.

Komodo dragons have slow motion, but are quite large and can also swim from one island to another. We recommend that you go to this beach with a tour guide so that you will be safer.

4. Including the Most Beautiful Pink Beach in the World

The marine spots with pink sand are in a unique category, because not all of them have a big influence from Foraminifera. Of the seven beaches with pink sand, the beaches on Komodo Island are among those that provide satisfying landscaping. The combination of pink sand beaches, clear sea water and blue skies is not shared by other similar spots.

5. Own the Savana Hill

The Flores region is known for its dry climate, that is why many savanna can be found in this area, including Komodo Island. If tourists want to have another unique angle to take pictures, they should go up to the proof of the savanna.

From the top of the hill, tourists can see the beauty of the tourist location this, blue sea water and also a line of coral on the coast. In addition, visitors can also look around the island from the top of the hill which is of course amazing to and unfortunately not immortalized.