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Facts of the Inner Baduy Tribe that Tourists Rarely Know


Facts of the Inner Baduy Tribe that Tourists Rarely Know

The trip to the Inner Baduy tribe provides a different vacation atmosphere for people who live in big cities like me.

The Inner Baduy tribe has 3 separate villages, namely Cibeo Village, Cikeusik Village, and Cikertawarna Village. In general, tourists visiting Inner Baduy prefer to spend the night in Cibeo Village. Because this village is more open to tourists who come. Although they still adhere to the customary prohibition of taking photos and using chemicals when bathing.

But I think Cikeusik Village, which is rarely visited by tourists, is the best place for people who are looking for "privacy" and want to really enjoy the beauty of the Inner Baduy Tribe.

The following is information that you don't know about the Inner Baduy Tribe;

1. A tribe that is frugal and loves to walk

The prohibition of using vehicles such as motorbikes or cars does not make the Inner Baduy people feel isolated from the outside world. Meeting with Kang Ralim, a resident of the Inner Baduy Tribe, amazed me that the Inner Baduy tribe always walks when visiting relatives who live in big cities to visit or sell fields and handicrafts typical of the Inner Baduy Tribe.

"I once walked from here (Kampung Cikeusik) to Bekasi / Bogor to meet friends," said Kang Ralim with his unique accent.

2. Wealth is not seen from the shape of the house

Unlike people who live in cities, in general, those who have big houses are always synonymous with rich people, with high rank, and are seen by many people. It is different with the Inner Baduy tribe, whose houses are almost similar to one another. What distinguishes their wealth status is the pottery made of brass which is kept in the house. The more pottery that is stored, the higher the status of the family is and is seen by people.

3. Likes to work together

The character of mutual cooperation is always applied by the Inner Baduy when they have to move from one region to another, which is more fertile. As a nomadic tribe (having no fixed place) and adhering to an open field system, the Baduy tribe live to help each other.

4. Chicken is a luxury food

Unlike the general public, which usually provides a chicken menu for every meal served, this is not the case with the Inner Baduy Tribe. Even though we can find chickens roaming freely in the village, it does not mean that chickens can become daily food. The Inner Baduy tribe only eat chicken dishes at least once a month or only during major ceremonies, such as weddings and births.

5. Pu'un, like the president in Kampung Baduy Dalam
he every tribe living in Indonesia must have a customary chief who functions to regulate its citizens. Likewise, the Inner Baduy tribe has a customary head who is usually called Pu'un. Pu'un is a person who has different advantages compared to ordinary citizens. The task of Pu'un is to determine the planting and harvesting period. Applying customary law to its citizens, treating the sick.

"Only people who have special interests can meet Pu'un" said Kang Ralim.

6. Prohibition of visiting for 3 months

Baduy residents in carrying out the Kawalu tradition. Kawalu is fasting performed by Inner Baduy residents which is celebrated three times over three months. In this fast, the Baduy residents pray to God that this country will be given a sense of security, peace and prosperity.

When the Kawalu tradition is carried out, visitors are prohibited from entering Inner Baduy. If there is an interest, usually visitors are only allowed to visit Outer Baduy but are not allowed to stay overnight.

7. Matchmaking still applies

A thing that is not commonly done today but still applies in the Inner Baduy Tribe. A girl who is 14 years old will be paired with a man from the Inner Baduy Tribe. During the matchmaking period, the parents of Inner Baduy men are free to choose the Inner Baduy women they like. However, if they have not found a suitable choice, both men and women must comply with the choice of the parents or the choice given by the Pu'un.

8. No glass, the bamboo sticks are finished

The prohibition of using cups and plates as a place to store water and mats for eating does not make the Inner Baduy tribe lose their minds. Equipped with abundant natural resources, the Baduy Dalam tribe makes glass and drinking water containers made of long bamboo.

"The distinctive aroma of bamboo will come out when we brew hot coffee in this bamboo cup which makes the coffee taste different." Kang Ralim firmly.

9. Simple happiness typical of the Baduy Dalam tribe

"There aren't many activities we can do at night because of the limited light."

"Usually a musical instrument like the lute accompanies our night while chatting with neighbors. In a similar way, Today, we are happy. ”Kang Ralim's story describes the night conditions in the Inner Baduy Tribe.