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Facts of the Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy Tribe


Facts of the Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy Tribe

Onesia is known to be rich in local wisdom because it has many tribes and cultures. One of them is the Baduy tribe in Kanekes, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency, Banten.

This tribe is divided into two groups, namely the Inner Baduy Tribe and the Outer Baduy Tribe. Even though it is divided into two groups, basically the Baduy people themselves only think that there is one Baduy.

The following hashtags summarize from various sources about the facts of the Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy Tribe.

Inner Baduy tribe

The Inner Baduy tribe is a group that usually lives in the forest. The characteristic of this tribe can be seen from the white clothes.

They do not know technology, money or school. Thus, the people of the Inner Baduy tribe can only communicate in their native language, namely Sundanese, the Banten dialect.

Outer Baduy tribe

Unlike the Inner Baduy tribe, the outer Baduy tribe has a characteristic black outfit.

This tribe lives in an area that is located around the area of ​​the Inner Baduy tribe. So that they are familiar with external cultures such as technology, schools and money.

Because they already know money, sometimes some of the Outer Baduy people go to the city to sell their crops such as honey.
The difference between the Inner Baduy and the Outer Baduy

The Inner Baduy tribe still adheres to the traditions of their ancestors and the rules that have been well established by their customary chief.

Meanwhile, the Outer Baduy tribe has been influenced by the lifestyle patterns of modern society today.