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Experience Traveling to Nusa Penida Island - Bali

Experience Traveling to Nusa Penida Island - Bali
picture by : girleatworld

Nusa Penida in Bali has many exotic natural attractions. Starting from Kelingking Beach, Angle's Billabong to Broken Beach.

Our trip that day started from Sanur Harbor, we used a fast boat to reach the location. we departed at around 10:00 WITA, at that time the water began to tide and the waves were quite a hangover

After traveling by sea for about 45 minutes, we finally arrived at the island of Nusa Penida. Upon arrival, we immediately got ready to continue the road trip using the mini bus to the tourist attractions. Because fast boats can't lean right on the shore, we have to take another small boat to get to the beach.

Around the Nusa Penida port, many facilities are provided for tourists, one of which is toilets managed by the local community. They charge IDR 5,000 for one use.

Something caught my attention at that time, namely the motorcycle taxi drivers who offered their motorbikes to tourists. I say this is interesting because Bli / mas offers by shouting in English. 5 days in Bali I felt like I was in Europe, this is a factor for some of the tourists or people I met there were European tourists. Along with the increasingly rapid development of tourism, Bali still dominates as the main destination for foreign tourists, especially Europe and China.

In general, the characteristics of European and Chinese tourists like beaches, so it's no wonder we find many European and Chinese tourists in Bali. The number of visits from tourists in Bali is certainly very influential for the economic movement. This makes most Balinese people fluent in foreign languages, especially English.

Frequent interaction with foreign tourists makes local people accustomed to it and must be able to speak foreign languages. So that what they sell or offer is easy for foreign tourists to understand and buy.

The first tour we visited was Kelingking Beach, about 30 minutes from the port. Upon arrival, we have to walk about 15 minutes from the parking lot to get to the mainstay photo spot on Kelingking Beach. One of the mainstay spots for taking pictures is in a place like a balcony.

To go up, we have to pay IDR 5,000 / person. Apart from taking pictures from above, many tourists come down to enjoy the view from below or swim on the beach. To get down to the bottom, it takes about 30-45 minutes.

In addition, on Kelingking Beach there are also several monkeys roaming. But remember, don't give food to animals at tourist attractions, including monkeys. This is dangerous for tourists and local people if it is done continuously for a long time.

After that, we continued our journey to Angel's Billabong and Broken Beach tours, these two tours are located close together and can be reached on foot. Angel's Billabong is like a natural swimming pool surrounded by coral cliffs.

The waves hitting the rocks are also a special attraction for photography lovers. Meanwhile, Broken Beach is a coral rock whose center is shaped like a semicircle. Both of these tours offer a very beautiful natural beauty.

We don't need to worry about the facilities or amenities on Nusa Penida Island, on every tour there are food stalls or cafes that offer a variety of foods, from Indonesian to western food. The parking lot is large, it is also easy to find toilets, and there are still some recreation available here.

We just need to prepare our energy to explore all the tours here. Accessibility is not very good, part of the road is coral, and the size of the road is not that wide. Don't forget to use sunblock so that your skin doesn't have streaks. There is one more thing, to get to the ship we have to walk through the water, because fast boats cannot dock to the shore if the sea water is shallow. Use footwear, so that your feet stay safe when stepping on a rock on the beach.