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"Tiwah" - Death Ritual of the Ngaju Dayak Tribe

"Tiwah" - Death Ritual of the Ngaju Dayak Tribe

Reporting from Wikipedia, Tiwah or Tiwah Lale or Magah Salulung Liau Uluh Matei is a death ceremony performed by the Dayak Ngaju tribe in Central Kalimantan. The Tiwah ceremony itself is the largest sacred ceremony in the Dayak tribe. This is because the Tiwah ceremony involves a lot of resources and a long time. This ceremony aims to deliver the soul or spirit of a human who has died to the destination, namely Lewu Tatau Dia Rumpang Tulang, Rundung Raja Dia Kamalesu Uhate, Lewu Tatau Habaras Bulau, Habusung Hintan, Hakarangan Lamiang or Lewu Liau which is located in the seventh sky. . In 2014, the Tiwah ceremony was included in the determination of Indonesia's Intangible Cultural Heritage by the ministry of education and culture

The ceremony begins with the construction of a house-shaped building called Balai Pangun Jandau, which is to build a hall in just one day. The requirements that must be met are a pig that Bakas Tiwah must kill himself. After Balai Pangun Jandau was completed, Bakas Tiwah conducted the Sababulu Market, which was to give signs for items to be used for Tiwah ceremonies later and provide Dawen Silar which would later be used for Palas Bukit.

After completing the initial process, the process was continued by establishing Sangkaraya Sandung Rahung which was placed in front of Bakas Tiwah's house, which was used to store the bones of each pile of liau. After that a pig was killed and its blood was drawn to avenge Sangkaraya Sandung Rahung. Around Sangkaraya Sandung Rahung, yellow bamboo and lamiang or Tamiang Palingkau are installed, as well as yellow cloths and the Panjang Ngambang Kabanteran Bulan flag, Rarusir Ambu Ngekah, Lampung Matanandau. While preparing all the musical instruments, sounds such as gandang, hanging, kangkanung, toroi, katambung and tarai.

But first, all musical instruments, as well as all the tools to be used, must go through a separate ritual process, in the Tiwah ceremony they are slacked or poked with the blood of a predetermined animal. Penawur began to carry out their task of menawur to contact the pile of liau who would be involved in the Tiwah ceremony in order to know and ask permission from the Sangiang, Jata, Naga Galang Petak, Nyaring, Pampahilep. Also notification was given to Sangumang, Sangkanak, Jin, Kambe Hai, Bintang, Bulan, Patendu, Jakarang Matanandau.