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Dayak Salako - Traditional Dayak Clothing

Bagak Sahwa Village, Singkawang saves a great diversity of Salako's Dayak culture. One of them is the traditional Dayak Salako outfit that has been created by the Head of the Dayak Tribe Salako, FX. Adam. traditional clothes, among others, are ribs in the form of wrist bracelets and bracelets for feet. Whereas the capuak is the cover of the Dayak Salako male genitalia and pants for women. candit is a belt, red headbands for men and red kedung for women as well as hats with hornbill beaks that are characteristic of the Dayak Salako Tribe. This Dayak Salako outfit was created in such a way as to enrich Dayak Salako's culture and be used for grand customary events.

Dayak Salako - Traditional Dayak Clothing

Biusuk, kapuak, candit, women's vest, men's vest pants, headband and hat and Ruai's bird's tail which are the hallmarks of Dayak Salako. created by giving fruit from the tree of ipuh which is arranged one by one into beads that decorate every Dayak Salako traditional dress. The remaining bark fibers are used to make some decorating motifs by attaching glue to each ingredient.

the processing process of the attributes created from the bark which is still wet is beaten so that it is easily formed, then dried. For the thread, pineapple tree fibers are used, also the roots of wood are used in the forest. Chopsticks are made from Tembesi logs and given beautiful carvings. while chopsticks are created in such a way as to race and place chopsticks which are also made of bark.

Another well-known Dayak culture is Pantak. In each area there is a Pantak and has many types, usually Pantak Pantuak is used for protection, Pantak Pabuisant is for bauma / farming. And in the village of Sawah Own Has a Fortress for Protection which was formerly for Bakayo (fighting) and now is used for safety.

The people of Sawah Village also have a tradition when an accident occurs in their area, namely Marashiant Aik Tanah (cleaning water and land) to avoid it from happening again and Marasihant Aik Tanah uses the props of Pig, Bowsprit, Lemang. And at the ritual at the scene of the accident, they are called ten two adat binua.

In Kampung Sawah, there are a lot of customary laws, from small to large ones. Small examples such as Saepet Tapungk tasteless / A Wrap of Baras Banyu are used to forgive the lightest and largest Opinions, which are twelve to twenty-four, fall on Kampangk / Adultery and the demonstration is a Jaring Jaring, One bowl of fruit, a packet of Banyu rice, a plate 4 dozen, Racen jars for Naikan binua, one bowl of fruit, binua marangk Enyengk (kill pigs), Going home with Racen jars, going to the kitchen for an ash fan, Natas roofs (dismantling 3 roofs), and Ngimak Gaagar (Nyungkil lantai), And after that Binua divided the customs.