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Barong and Rangda - Balinese Hindu Mythology Dance

Barong and Rangda - Balinese Hindu Mythology Dance
picture by : indonesiakaya.com

Barong and Rangda are dances based on Balinese Hindu mythology. Let us know the beginning of this story about Barong and Rangda.


Rangda is the leader of you leak who fight Barong. Rangda is described as a woman who has long, matted hair, large fangs, long nails, wide eyes, protruding tongue and long, dangling breasts.

From the meaning of the word, "Rangda" means widow. This meaning comes from a story that tells of Queen Mahendradatta's revenge for being exiled by King Dharmodayana. The former queen took revenge by killing half of the people in the kingdom.


Meanwhile, Barong is considered the king of the spirit of goodness. Barong's appearance is characterized as a lion with long fangs and thick blonde hair. In one mythology, Barong is also depicted accompanying King Airlanga, the heir to the throne of King Dharmodayana who wants to defeat Sang Rangda.

Barong and Rangda - Balinese Hindu Mythology Dance
picture by : booking-bali-villas.com

Barong and Rangda

Well, now we are talking about the relationship between Barong and Rangda. They are described as having equal strength. Both of them have immortality so that the battles are endless. Neither side loses.

This has become one of the spiritual beliefs of Balinese Hindus who recognize the concept of "rwa bhineda". Rwa Bhineda means two differences that go together or go together in harmony. This concept also provides an explanation of the universe which has a state of pairs but has opposing properties - created by the Almighty. For example: men and women, black and white and others.

Couples with different characters are seen as being side by side with one another. The two of them do not cancel each other out. The concept of Rwa Bhineda also provides two important lessons, namely: balancing each other and life running in harmony. Because of this, most Balinese people view this different view not as something that must be eliminated, but rather harmonized.

This concept of balance in Balinese Hindu mythology is manifested in the relationship between Barong and Rangda. Their endless feud provides a symbolic picture of the good and the bad side by side. Both good and bad cannot be eliminated from human life. Something is considered bad for sure because there is a comparable parameter, namely goodness, and vice versa.

Well, the story of the fight between Barong and Rangda and also their spiritual concept is elevated to the art of Barong Dance. Barong dance has many versions and one of the simpler versions is often performed in the form of entertainment. You can visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana complex and watch the Barong and Rangda Dance which are performed regularly. This dance is what teaches people about the concept of Rwa Bhineda as their life principle.

Barong and Rangda dances have been introduced since the 1930s. Yes, when you visit Bali Island, don't forget to enjoy the most beautiful moments of Barong Dance. Barong dance and Barong and Rangda mythology itself consists of several types of dance. Enjoy seeing and learning this Barong and Rangda concept.