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7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the largest of the 3 islands in the southeast of the Island of the Gods, Bali apart from Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan Islands. This island has a very beautiful and extraordinary panorama. Penida Island, the famous name for this island, is not only known domestically but has been known abroad. Not a few people visit this place every year.

To visit this island, we can cross from the port in Sanur or from the port in Klungkung Regency. There are also 4 ports in Penida, depending on the location of your stay or the nearest place you want to visit, such as Banjar Nyuh Pier, Seblanga Banjar Nyuh pier, Toya Pakeh Port, or at Sampalan and Mentigi jetty.

For fast boats, an average of Rp. 25,000-150,000 per crossing. However, this island can be visited for day trips or one day trips and can stay several days. However, it is a huge loss if you want to visit this place for just one day, because there are so many places that you must visit in the west or east of this island and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

For those of you who love water sports, on this island there are lots of places for snorkelling, free dive or scuba diving to explore the underwater which is really beautiful. The best points include Manta point, Malibu point, Toyapakeh, Gamat bay, and Temple Point. So, it's a shame it's only a one day trip.

I visited the island for a few days and could go by motorbike or tour car, it all depends on the choice. For domestic tourist motorbike rental, it starts from IDR 50,000 / day while car rental starts from IDR 500,000 / day. However, this price can vary depending on the motorbike rented or the car and the driver or tour guide or including the fuel.

All places have magnificent views to spoil your eyes. Places that must be visited in the west of Penida island are Kelingking beach, Kelingking Swing, Love Tree in Kelingking, Paluang Cliff, Broken Beach, Angel's Billabong, Crystal Bay beach, and the east of Penida Island such as Diamond beach, Atuh beach, Tree House, Raja Lima and Thousand islands, Teletubies hill, Suwehan beach, or visit several temples such as Goa Giri Putri Temple and Vihara Dewi Kwan Im, Paluang Temple, Dalem Penataran Ped Temple, Puncak Mundi Temple or waterfalls such as Seganing Waterfall in Bunga Mekar Village and Guyangan Springs or Puguyungan Waterfall. There are still several other beaches, such as Smoke Beach or Pasih Andus Beach, or Banah Beach, Temeling Natural Pool in the south of Penida Island.

For the best view of sunset, see Crystal Bay or Angel's Billabong. For culinary that must be tried such as tipat santok, porridge ledok, sea fish satay and super delicious fish pepes that can be enjoyed while visiting this place. This island also has health facilities such as the Gema Shanti Primary Hospital and also the Nusa Penida Community Health Center. The following is an explanation of the destinations I visited:

1. Kelingking beach and Paluang Cliff

Kelingking Beach is one of the iconic islands of Nusa Penida which looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex "T-Rex". A very amazingly beautiful place, one of the places that must be visited. You haven't been considered to have been to Penida if you haven't taken a photo at this one place. The photo queue during the high season is very long and even a lot of people come for pre-wedding here.

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

Besides enjoying the beauty of the island from above, you can also go down through steep paths. However, all will pay off when you see a beautiful beach with white sand and very clear sea water. A sight that will never be forgotten, and when I visited this place, someone was doing parasailing. For those of you who like adrenaline, Kelingking Beach is famous for its underwater beauty.

2. Angel's Billabong

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

Angel's billabong is a pool between cliffs or rocks and very clear water or like a river mouth that ends in the sea. If you want to try going down for photos or just swimming here, make sure to wait for the sea water to recede. However, you have to be careful because the waves are quite dangerous at high tide.

3. Broken Beach

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

The location of Broken Beach is not far from Angel's billabong. This place has the original name of Pasih Uug Beach which is in the village of Bunga Mekar. It is called Broken Beach because there is a broken cliff that resembles a tunnel, but when viewed from above, it is a circular cliff jutting out into the sea. However, the beach access below can only be accessed by fast boat through a broken cliff tunnel.

4. Crystal Bay Beach

A place to enjoy the sunset, swimming and snorkelling or scuba diving, the best sunset in Nusa Penida which is in Sakti Village. The water is so clear that it is one reason to name this place Crystal Bay with a coastline of up to 1 km with a cluster of hills green and soothing coconut trees.

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

If you visit to the west of Penida Island, this island will always be a cover after visiting other places. Swim and sit enjoying the sunset accompanied by fresh coconut water which is really refreshing.

5. Diamond beach

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

Diamond beach is in the east of Nusa Penida Island with views of beautiful karst cliffs with tapered shapes resembling gems. Tourists can go down the steps between the cliffs to the beach for about 15-30 minutes. See the beautiful clear sea water turquoise with fine white sand.

6. Atuh beach

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

The beach, which is located in the village of Pialautan, is not far from Diamond Beach, this beach has white sand with amazing cliffs. If you come from the direction of diamond beach, to get to the beach you need to walk down the stairs and from above you can also enjoy the beautiful view of Atuh Beach.

7. Tree house and Thousand island

The tree house or Molenteng tree house with a view of Thousand Island or Thousand Island is amazing. There are 3 tree houses here and they can be rented. Feel the awesome experience for a few days living in this tree house and feel a different sensation living in this area.

7 Beauty of Nusa Penida

Above, only a few places that must be visited when coming to Nusa Penida Island. Do you know? There are still many places that are very beautiful, but they are still very rarely visited and there are some places that are still difficult to reach because there is still no access to them or the roads are still damaged.

Hopefully in the future I can fully explore this island because one week is not enough for me to get around. Truly, God's creation that cannot only be written in words or seen with beautiful eyes. Thank you universe for teaching the meaning of being grateful for this life.