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The beauty of Ternate City

The beauty of Ternate City
Starting from a region called Gapi, heterogeneous city embryo figures were prepared. In some literature, an Islamic preacher named Jafa'ar Shadiq revealed the character of the native people of Gapi who were so hard and rude. In local languages, this character is called the Tarinata expression. This is considered a natural heritage of the Gamalama Volcano which is right in the middle of the island of this resident inhabitant. Along with the development of the era, the Gapi region along with the residents of Tarinata also expanded and became a major city with the great Sultanate that ruled and we know until now with the name Ternate.
The beauty of Ternate CityThe history above is a glimpse of the origin of the name Ternate, which is a development of the expression Tarinata for its citizens who have a rough and violent character. Ternate is a large city located on the island with the name Ternate too. Naturally, Ternate has as an island city located around an active volcanic mountain named Gamalama. Therefore, the existence of Mount Gamalama will never be released from the history of Ternate society.
Basically, Ternate City is a developing city from the port city. The city of Ternate shows that this city was a form of European style carried by Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch colonists. Like the shape of most European colonial cities, the center of Ternate is characterized by the existence of a square surrounded by various urban infrastructure buildings such as courts, markets, and also the Sultanate of Ternate.

The existence of the city of Ternate originated from the establishment of the Ternate Sultanate around the 13th century which also made this city the center of its government. The Ternate Sultanate was established by gaining a lot of Islamic influence from Arab traders and carrying out the government of Islamic law which later became a major royal power in the eastern archipelago. In fact, the territory of the Ternate Sultanate reached Marshall Islands in the Philippines. For Indonesia itself, the Sultanate of Ternate is one of the oldest Islamic kingdoms that still stands today.
The city of Ternate itself is now known as an island city with an area of ​​approximately 542,736 square kilometers with 8 islands in it. The islands include Ternate Island, Hiri Island, Moti Island, Mayau Island, and Tifori, while still uninhabited include Maka Island, Mano Island and Gurida Island. Ternate Island where the city is located alone has a very diverse topographic contour. Ranging from steep mountainous areas, volcanoes, forests, to the coast with diverse coral rocks also owned by Ternate Island. Even Ternate's land is known to be very fertile with spice resources which have been the target of many trade since the past. However, every advantage of having deficiencies and the condition of Mount Gamalama that is still active is one of the shortcomings that has been felt to date.
Although the word Ternate comes from Tarinata which means hard and rough, but the character of the people of Ternate today is not the case. The townspeople who were once the capital of North Maluku province are known to be very friendly and joking. They are generally relaxed in their daily lives, but indeed it cannot be denied that if something bad happens, Ternate people are quite easily provoked by emotion. The population of Ternate city is currently very crowded and considered disproportionate. Many newcomers from Sulawesi, Ambon, and even Java migrated to this big city. In fact, this density has made the Indonesian central government decide to move the capital of North Maluku province to Sofifi on Halmahera Island. However, it cannot be denied that the economy of North Maluku remains centered in Ternate.
From the tourism sector, Ternate is known to have very many interesting objects to visit. The history of Ternate's journey is one of the reasons for the many objects. Just say fortresses like Tolukko, Kastela, or Orange which are in the middle of the city witness to the history of Ternate's journey. In addition, natural nuances such as Lake Tolire or Sulamadaha Beach are also interesting and beautiful choices to visit. One interesting thing about the existence of Mount Gamalama is the Batu Angus tourist attraction which is a lava rock site from the rest of the eruption of Mount Gamalama. At first glance this site resembles temples in Java, but actually what we will see is hot lava that has been petrified and forms unique contours.
Ternate is a very interesting and beautiful island city. Indeed, it only takes about 1 hour to circle the entire area of ​​the island, but Ternate's charm will not be exhausted explored in just one day. Natural wealth, friendliness of citizens, and the greatness of the name of the Sultanate of Ternate combined into one and created an interesting harmony from one region in North Maluku which of course has been known it to the ear of the world. Now, our obligation as a resident of Indonesia to keep the whole wealth in order to survive and continue to grow in a better future.