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Lake Tolire in Ternate Beauty Island

Lake Tolire in Ternate Beauty Island
Ternate Island is an island that is not only rich in spices, but also folklore and traditions passed down through generations. One of the stories of the people of Ternate that became a legend and is remembered up to the present is the Story of the Origin of Lake Tolire. Mystical nuances mixed with love coloring this classic story of the Ternate people. Uniquely, the places that are part of this story can still be witnessed today.

Once upon a time a father had sex with his daughter until the princess was pregnant. In fact, the father is said to be a village leader located at the foot of Mount Gamalama and quite respected by his citizens. After the shameful relationship was discovered by the villagers, this father and daughter also received social punishment by being expelled from the village where they were. In a very embarrassed condition, his father and daughter left the village where they lived. But they had not had time to leave, a devastating earthquake struck the village. Some residents believe that the earthquake was a punishment from the Almighty because of the sinful deeds between his father and daughter. The village was shaken with cracked land, water appeared and drowned the entire village and its inhabitants into the earth. Finally the village became a giant lake known as Lake Tolire.

Lake Tolire is full of charmLake Tolire is full of charmLake Tolire is full of charmThis curse did not stop until here, the Princess who knew the coming of the disaster had escaped to the coastal shore of the sea. However, the curse of the earthquake still occurred and struck the land where the princess stood. Disasters that took place in their villages returned and created another smaller lake known as the small Tolire Lake. Until now, the people of Ternate still believe in this legendary story and consider Lake Tolire Besar as a symbol of the accursed Father and Lake Tolire Kecil as a symbol of the existence of the Daughter of the Father.

This heartbreaking story also happened to the villagers. They were also affected by the sins of their father and daughter and the power of God condemned them all to become white crocodiles guarding Lake Tolire Besar, which was originally their village. This story is indeed believed to be limited to legend, but according to local residents, many tourists and local residents have seen first hand the presence of white crocodiles guarding Lake Tolire Besar with their own eyes. Related to this curse, local residents also believed that no one was able to throw rocks to the middle of the lake.

Various related stories This legend is the main attraction for tourists who will visit Lake Tolire. In fact, food sellers in the complex of Lake Tolire tourism can sell pebbles to prove that no one can throw stones to the middle of the lake. Strangely, until now there was not a single person who was able to throw rocks to the middle of the lake. Usually, no matter how far the throw is, the throw will only end at the edge of the lake, or return to the cliffs of the foothold.

Apart from this heartbreaking legend, Lake Tolire is still a very charming lake. The lake stretch of 5 hectares with a depth of up to 50 meters is an attraction for tourists. Not only that, if the afternoon is approaching, both Tolire Lake Large and small will be the perfect place to enjoy the sunset with a beautiful blue sea background. Local residents also take advantage of this situation to trade, usually fried bananas and young coconut become the mainstay of food sold for tourists while they enjoy a relaxing time at Lake Tolire.