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Unique Accessories From the Dayak Tribe

Unique Accessories From the Dayak Tribe
In the midst of the onslaught of the fashion world from the outside, traditional archipelago accessories still have loyal devotees. This assumption is not mere thumbs up. As evidence, there are now many emerging designers who implement traditional patterns and accessories in their works. awareness of the importance of maintaining the traditional values ​​of fashion activists is welcomed by the people of Indonesia, as a symbol that Indonesia is able to host its own country.

Exoticism and the beauty of the traditional accessories of the archipelago need not be doubted. Dayak accessories for example. Besides having its own charm due to its beautiful shape and color, Dayak accessories are also thick with philosophical elements that surround it.

Unique Accessories From the Dayak Tribe
In general, Dayak accessories are dominated by contrasting colors. Various colors of beads make a pattern that characterizes the Dayak tribe. That said, the contrasting color is a symbol that the Dayak people live in harmony.

Dayak Kenyah tribes who inhabit the East Kalimantan region make beads to decorate various accessories. Dayak accessories are decorated with beads in the form of a head covering, carrying bag, necklace, to Dayak traditional clothing called sapay sapek. beads that adorn accessories of the Dayak tribe follow a pattern or form that is considered sacred and brings blessings, such as the pattern of the bird of the land and the form of kamang which is a symbol of the presence of ancestral spirits.

Especially for headgear and bag accessories, the main material used is rattan. the making of carrying bags is done carefully so that the bags produced fulfill their practical functions as a strong container for carrying garden produce or for carrying babies. After the rattan is in the form of a head covering or bag, it is then decorated with beads.

What's interesting about Dayak accessories is the addition of ornaments such as porcupine fangs or honey bear nails. This decoration is pinned not without reason. Porcupine fangs and honey bear nails are believed to be a symbol of strength for those who wear them.

In terms of price, Dayak accessories are also able to compete or even cheaper than foreign products. A variety of Dayak tribal accessories are sold at prices ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah, adjusted for the size and complexity of the motif made.