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The Beauty of Atapupu Beach On The Atambua Suburbs

The beauty of Atapupu Beach on the Atambua Suburbs
For those who have never heard, Atambua City on Timor Island is the gateway to the RI-Timor Leste border. The location of this city is indeed directly adjacent to Timor Leste, precisely located in the village of Motaain, about 30 km from the city of Atambua.

better known as a border city, nature around Atambua also has a charm of beauty which is a pity to miss. For those of you who want to visit the border between RI-Timor Leste from the city of Atambua, you will be amazed by the scenery along the way. not many think that it turns out that along the way from Motaain-Atambua, there is a line of white sand beaches, one of which is Atapupu Beach. If you drive from Motaain Village to Atambua City, then you will see this beach on the right side of the road.

This beach is also better known by the local community with the name Sukaerlaran Beach or White Sand Beach. This beach is covered with white sand and lush green trees around it. on the beach too, mangrove trees appear to be seen adorning this beach on the right and left side. The combination of white sand mounds combined with green trees makes the atmosphere at Atapupu Beach feel cool even though it is even hot during the day.

Atapupu beach has a beach with a flat and shallow topography. Visitors can enjoy the beach like swimming, playing ball or just playing water while enjoying the natural atmosphere on this beach. in addition, because the water is clear enough to make visitors feel safe to linger playing water on the beach. Atapupu Beach is also a favorite place for local residents, especially the young people to see the beautiful panorama of the sunset in the afternoon.

no wonder if on holidays, this beach will look crowded by visitors, the majority of whom are local people. Not infrequently also the citizens of East Timor who want to go to Atambua, seen visiting the beach that is not too well known by tourists outside the city.

The beauty of Atapupu Beach on the Atambua Suburbs
The beauty of Atapupu Beach on the Atambua Suburbs
Access to Location
Visitors can use motorcycle taxi services or use private vehicles to get to this beach. Being on the main route of the Atambua-Timor Leste trans makes this beach location very easy to reach and find. the distance from Atambua City is around ± 24 km to the north and takes about 1 hour. The condition of the road to the location of this beach is already well paved.

Entrance Ticket Prices (HTM)
Visitors will be charged an entry ticket fee of 5,000 rupiah / person. and those who bring motorized vehicles will be charged an additional parking fee of 5,000 rupiah / motorbike and 10,000 rupiah for four-wheeled vehicles.

besides the MCK, there are only a few lopo and seating around the beach that can be used by visitors to relax for a moment while enjoying the beauty of the beach. or for visitors who are interested in walking around the beauty of Atapupu and Motaain Beaches, you can rent traditional canoes from local fishermen. Supporting facilities around the coast appear to have received less attention from the local tourism office. It is also expected that in the future this beach will get more attention from the government.