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Uniqueness of Umbrella from Java

About "Songsong", Unique Umbrella from Java
In essence, the umbrella has a function to protect us from the heat of the sun and the pouring rain. Umbrellas have the perfect shape to protect our entire body. The wide muzzle and the strong grip make it a mandatory item in our tote bag.

however, do you know that one tribe in Indonesia interpreted an umbrella as a symbol? Yes, the Javanese interpret the umbrella as a marker of social class among the people. How can? Consider the facts in the following review.

Javanese culture calls it "songsong"

Remember, the song here doesn't mean that Song Song Couple aka Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will get married at the end of this month. Songs are the name for an umbrella in Javanese culture. Songsong is a subtle form or commonly referred to as kromo inggil from the word umbrella.

Songsong is usually used as an everyday language in the palace, if you are talking to a king or someone who is of a higher degree. If the person you are talking to is your best friend using an umbrella.

Become a Social Class Marker

songong here has a function as a social class marker. Quoted from goodnewsfromindonesia.id usually, only the king has the type of hut, bawat, and grand. Can be marked from the arrangement of three umbrella. the owner of the songsong has the right to be respected not limited to space and time.

As for a prince, the type he possesses is usually in the form of crazy songs. Just as the treatment of the king, the prince owner of Songsong is also respected. besides the king and prince, no one has this songsong and adat does not permit it unless it has a high status. Paint and Streep Colors Become Striking Differences

How do you distinguish the noble class that has songs? just look at the paint color and the streep. Bambang Sularto wrote in a book entitled "Labuhan Ceremony of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta" that every descendant of the king must have the same form of songsong, but can be distinguished by the color of the paint and the streep.
Basic colors like gold, white, green, blue, dark red, and black usually decorate songs to be seen from afar. The highest strata symbol is indicated by gold, while the lowest symbol is black. this is in harmony with how people interpret gold as a symbol of grandeur while black as a sign of grief or death. However, even though it is black, there are still songs, still high compared to the umbrella.

Using Songsong's also has rules and cannot be used carelessly. The king's subordinates cannot use the songong from where his boss goes. the palace of the Kasunanan Sukakarta during Pakubowono IV, for example, imposed a ban on anyone using an umbrella in the palace area, except for the royal family with a prince title.
indeed there has never been a written record of those convicted for using an umbrella carelessly in the palace area. However, it can be estimated that there are sanctions that must be followed when this happens, given how strong traditional cultures are in our homeland.

The existence of Songsong is now not as "grand" in ancient times. Today, nobles from the palace are required to align themselves with their people. So, many servants in the palace have not brought any songs wherever they go. now, even songsong can only be seen as a decoration while remembering its function.