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Uniqueness of the Samalantan Landscape, the Religious House of the Dayak Tribe

Rumah peribadatan suku dayak
This house becomes a place to hold religious activities and traditional ceremonies to ride dango when the harvest season arrives. This is the Samalantan sprawling house, a kind of stilt house built with a depth of 120 feet embedded directly into the ground.

Samalantan landscape house is located between the Bengkayang-Singkawang Province lane. The location of the building is about 300 meters from Jalan Provinsi precisely in Samalantan District, Bengkayang Regency. Going to the Bentang house, you will be welcomed by a statue of a sacred hornbill. just across the stretch house there is a house as a community meeting hall. To be able to go upstairs, you have to go through the main stairs, or steps that are on the left and right side of the house.

The Samalantan span house has four rooms, 2 rooms on the left side and 2 rooms on the right side. in the middle of the house there is a family room separating the 4 rooms. In the room of the house, there are many dayak motifs on the walls made of wood. in addition, there are several medium jars in each supporting pillar and wooden statues placed near the main stairs.

Next to the entrance to the Bentang house, there is a small wall that says Adil Katalino Bacaramin Kasurga, Basengat Ka Jubata. the first sentence has meaning, is fair to fellow human beings in the world and always sees and reflects to heaven. The second sentence that all in this world is given breath and lives from God Almighty. These principles are held firmly by the Dayak people.

Bahtang (bentang) house was inaugurated on April 27, 1996 by the Sambas Regent at that time. At that time Singkawang and Bengkayang were still in one area with Sambas Regency. The sprawling house becomes a place for religious ritual events and traditional ceremonies to ride dango when the harvest season arrives. the position of the stretched house is at the foot of the hill and around it is a vast expanse of rice fields and behind it there are large trees that provide its own natural nuances.

Before heading to the span house, on the left side of the road, you are presented with a view of a small pond and a statue of Nek Ramaga.
Patung peribadatan suku dayak
According to history, Nek Ramaga was one of the community leaders who lived in a village called Pakana Bahana, in the Upper Mempawah River. He lived as a forest gatherer and was appointed as a leader by the villagers. Because of its sacredness, the statue of Nek Ramaga was given a small jar, as a place of offerings for Dayak residents.