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Uniqueness of Dayak Tribe - The Death Ritual

Ritual tiwah oleh masyarakat dayak
You know the Dayaks, right? Kalimantan is famous for Dayak tribes who have various rituals. For Dayak tribes in Central Kalimantan, there are special rituals that are carried out to honor the death of one member of his tribe. This ritual is a Tiwah ritual, which is carried out to deliver the Dayak tribe spirits to heaven by way of verifying the soul and its remains. This is done by removing the remains of the body that usually lives in the form of bones from the grave to a place called Sandung.

the Tiwah ceremony for the Dayak Tribe is very sacred, this ritual is accompanied by many dance programs, gong sounds and other entertainment. Until finally the bones are placed in place (Sandung). Carrying out the Tiwah ceremony requires a long preparation, not to mention the required amount of funds. in addition, this series of Tiwah procession ceremonies take days, even up to 1 month.
Ritual kematian khas suku dayak

At present, the Tiwah ritual is a tourist attraction that is crowded with local and foreign tourists. tiwah is a final-level death ritual for Dayak tribesmen in Central Kalimantan (Kalteng), especially the Inland Dayak adherents of the Kaharingan religion as the ancestral religion of the Dayaks.
Tiwah ceremony is a death ceremony which is usually held for someone who has died and is buried for so long that what remains of his body is assumed to be just a bone. Tiwah ritual aims as a ritual to straighten the journey of the spirit or the soul in question towards Lewu Tatau (Heaven-in Sangiang Language) so that it can live peacefully and peacefully in the realm of the Almighty. besides that, Tiwah Central Kalimantan Dayak tribe was also intended by the people in Central Kalimantan as a procession of the Dayak tribe to release Rutas or misfortune for the family of the deceased who were left behind from the bad influences that had befallen.

the peak of the Tiwah event itself will include bones excavated from the grave and purified through a special ritual into the Sandung. However, beforehand, it was held in the event of thrilling of sacrificial animals, buffaloes, cows and pigs.
Tiwah ceremony or Tiwah Lale or Magah Salumpuk liau Uluh Matei is the largest sacred ceremony to deliver the soul or spirit of the deceased human to the destination, namely Lewu Tatau He Rumpang Tulang, Rundung Raja Dia Kamalesu Uhate, Lewu Tatau Habaras Bulau, HabusungHintan, Hakarangan Lamiang or Lewu Liau which is located in the seventh sky.The intermediary in this ceremony is Rawing Tempun Telun, Raja Dohong Bulau or Mantir Mama Luhing Bungai Raja Malawung Bulau, who lives in the third sky. in carrying out the duties and obligations of Rawing Tempun Telun assisted by Telun and Hamparung, through various obstacles.

The vehicle used by Rawing Tempun Telun delivered liau to Lewu Liau, Banama Balai Rabia, Bulau, Tanduh Island, Nyahu Sali Rabia, Manuk Ambun. the long journey to Leu Liau passed forty layers of dew, through the rivers, mountains, sea, lake, bridges which might be if the implementation was not perfect, Salumpuk liau who was escorted to the afterlife got lost. the executor at the Danum Kalunen beach was carried out by Basir and Balian.