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The Uniqueness Phylosopy of Huaulu Tribe

Sharp squinting eyes seemed to follow our steps as we entered the Huaulu Village area. The scorching heat that seemed to burn our skin was slowly we no longer bothered because of the welcome we experienced. That afternoon we entered a village inhabited by indigenous tribes of Seram Island, especially the northern part called the Huaulu tribe. At that time, the village was indeed in a quiet condition. Residents who live only mothers, children and some men who are elderly. those who are still productive generally are farming which is the main livelihood of this tribe.

The Huaulu tribe has one characteristic that is quite striking especially in adult men. They have a tradition of red headbands called cloth berang. This headband is tied and covers the wearer's head. The Huaulu community has made the cloth as an identity for Huaulu men who are already well-balanced and considered adults. usually, a boy will wear this red headband in his teens, around 15-17 years and will continue to be used for the rest of his life.

Aside from being a sign of maturity, this headband also functions as the pride of Huaulu's men. the Patrilineal system adopted by the Huaulu tribe made men have more prices and always became a leader in Huaulu's kinship. The red color in Berang cloth also signifies the element of courage expected by each individual Huaulu man. therefore, this beaver cloth is also a mandatory ornament used when men will go to war. When adapted to modern conditions where there are no more wars, usually the berang cloth is used when they hold traditional ceremonies and cakalele dances.
at a glance, the tie of Huaulu's head is the same as the head of their brother Naulu Tribe who lives in the South Seram region.

Indeed, these two tribes have a close family relationship. Both of them wear the same berang cloth as a headband, but different ways of using it. for the Huaulu tribe, the beaver fabric is shaped round to resemble the wearer's head while in the Naulu Tribe, the beaver fabric is formed so that 2 sharp ears appear on the side above the wearer's head. the difference is only in use, while for the same meaning and function.

The headbands of the Huaulu Tribe or the Berang Cloth are a part that will never be separated from the existence of this tribe. Berang cloth has become an identity not only for men but also the Huaulu Tribe as a whole. However, this tradition has serious challenges when dealing with increasingly modern conditions. on the one hand, this tradition must understand the exposure to modernization so that the Huaulu tribe can continue to survive extinction, on the other hand the tradition of Kain Berang is an ancestral heritage that has an important meaning to be maintained.