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Naulu Tribe With Unique Tradition

Naulu Tribe With Unique Tradition
Naulu Tribe With Unique Tradition
Central Maluku district with Masohi capital turned out to have other properties besides nature that are so beautiful with its Manusela National Park. One of the other assets is the unique culture of isolated tribes in the Central Maluku region. in fact these tribes can no longer be said to be isolated because they have been deeply affected by modern culture. They generally know money, electricity has entered the village, and many of them even go to school. however, alienated words are still inherent in their lives because of the existence of some ancient traditions that they maintain in their lives. some of these tribes include the Huaulu Tribe which lives in the northern region of Seram Island and the Naulu Tribe which occupies the southern coastal region of Seram Island.

The Naulu and Huaulu tribes are actually still from one ancestor. supposedly, in ancient times they came from one father with a different mother. Because of customary issues, the two are separated with the aim of one to the north and the other to the south. Since then, the two tribes have grown rapidly to become Naulu and Huaulu. their kinship is not only in the story, but also from some of their traditions that have something in common, including red cloth called the Berang cloth which must be worn by every adult male in the tribe.
One of the most prominent among the two tribes is the Naulu Tribe. this tribe lives in the South of Seram island, precisely in two countries or the hamlets of Sepa and Nuanea. Sepa Hamlet has a location closer to modern life, so the Naulu people who live in this hamlet tend to be more modern and more advanced in their hamlet development. for information, Sepa Hamlet has 5 settlements, namely Bonara, Naulu Lama, Hauwalan, Yalahatan, and Rohua.

The Naulu tribe has several unique traditions that are quite scary to apply in modern life. one of the most famous is the tradition of beheading as a ritual in some of the traditional ceremonies they have. One of them is the ceremony of establishing a new traditional house where they need a human skull as a ritual offering to the gods. besides, this beheading was a sign of maturity from the Naulu men. In the past, a boy had to give a severed head to the villagers as proof that he was an adult. however, this tradition has been legally prohibited to be carried out since the occurrence of the 2005 criminal tragedy that has a background in this tradition.

Another tradition that still survives is the exclusion of women who are first menstruating and will give birth. the Naulu tribe provided a 2x2 meter booth called Tikusune. This room serves as a place of seclusion for Eve who will give birth or get their first menstruation. usually, a woman who will give birth and get her first menstruation will automatically seclude herself from her family and occupy the Tikusune room until she has finished her period and has given birth. after the period has passed, then they will return to their homes and their families throw a party for their return to the family.
In terms of trust, the Naulu Tribe believes in a creator called Upu Kuanahatana. this belief system is actually part of animism which believes in the spirit forces of ancestors. They believe that these spirits have a big influence on human life, so they are worthy to worship and worship. however, in modern Indonesian population, Naulu's beliefs are regarded as Hinduism.

The Naulu tribe is an example of a thousand tribes found in the archipelago. This culture is a wealth of Indonesia that must be maintained together. besides being guarded, this culture must continue to be developed so that it is still able to survive among the exposure of very heavy modern culture. At the very least, future generations still recognize the existence of one indigenous Maluku tribe named Naulu.